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Luxury Spas

Luxury spas can either be built as part of a custom swimming pool or as part of an outdoor room. The point of a spa is to give you a hot water experience to relax in outside. The basic simplicity of its function becomes a landscaping phenomenon when form is built to encapsulate the essence of the experience and to support the many feelings of good will it seems to engender in almost everyone’s soul.

There are many little subtle things that we can do to a luxury spa that become magnificent when the project is complete. A brief look at just some of these options follows so as to give you an idea of what we can create as part of a greater residential landscape design.


Customized Bench Heights
Human beings have this curious love for getting only their feet wet. “Getting your feet wet” is even a colloquial metaphor that speaks of initiation into new experience. This is not something we want to ignore, but rather accommodate. In order to do so, we tend to build most of our luxury spas with surrounding benches that allow people to sit at a particular height that is suitable at once for both eye-to-eye contact and the warm, fluid home base of the water we always seem to want to wiggle our toes in.

All Tile Basins
Like a swimming pool, a luxury spa is actually a shell that contains the water itself. It is very important to make this basin look as attractive as humanly possible. After all, everyone who is in the spa will be surrounded by the structure of the basin walls. One of the best ways to make these walls look like more than walls is to build them out of tile. And, just as it is true in the world of flooring and luxury bath design, the actual number of options we can offer you is too many for you to count or even thumb through quickly in a catalogue of colors.

Air Bubblers
Air bubbles give a sense of movement and add sensation to the experience of hot water in a luxury spa. Air bubblers are built into the shell and are actually concealed vents driven by silent underground pumps.

Zero Overhang Coping
Coping has to be modified in a luxury pool or luxury spa to prevent pressure on the back or an accidental blow to the head when a person leans back against the wall. Most spas are built along curved lines anyway, so a zero overhand coping is both a protective measure and also contributes to a snug feeling of wraparound comfort.

Therapy Jets
Many times we are asked to build a spa because it is more than a comfort zone to our clients. Many of these people have suffered from unfortunate injuries to the back, knees, and legs and have been ordered by their doctor to treat themselves with hot water therapy. For these individuals, we build hidden therapy jets that shoot pressurized streams of water into the mix with just enough gentle force to massage and relax sore muscles, aching joints, and herniated discs.

Custom Controls
We cannot intuitively guess the precise level of comfort for any individual, nor can we even begin to guess the collective comfort zone of a group of guests enjoying spa therapy together. That is why we build custom controls into all of our luxury spas so that people can adjust such things as temperature, therapy jet pressure, and air bubble volume.

Underwater Lighting
At night, everyone’s face lights up above water thanks to special lights installed under the water. An expert partner lighting company installs these luminaires and configures them with lighting controls that allow personalized adjustment of visibility and emotional accent.