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Luxury Outdoor Kitchens

Luxury means different things to different people, but this concept within a luxury landscape design can be communicated in many ways. For instance, a sense of luxury shows in the materials you choose and the way they complement your home. A luxury landscape design can also be revealed in simple details such as an antique ornamental iron gate. It is conveyed with your plant choices, the combination of form, texture and colors. Design pros suggest striving for just the right balance between appropriate and lush. Luxury outdoor kitchens give you luxury on every level.
They are built to accommodate you with a full cooking and dining experience that will eliminate the need to ever have to use your indoor kitchen while hosting an outdoor event. Not only do they provide you with luxury at the highest level of convenience, but they also provide you with the highest level of comfort while you dine on the meal you have prepared, and after you relax in conversation after dinner.

Each kitchen is built with an adjoining dining room with a table large enough to fit however many guests the family typically has over to enjoy meals overlooking gardens, patios, water features, and professionally illuminated landscape elements. Right next to each dining area is a fully furnished living room with very attractive, but also highly weather resistant furniture that provides the equivalent of an indoor living room under the canopy of trees and stars.

Entertainment is also a very important element here that is never neglected.
A built in fireplace that keeps the whole kitchen warm during the winter months is standard to our designs. With very few exceptions, most clients want a luxury outdoor kitchen with a plasma television and surround sound stereo.


Interior lighting and climate controls are built into the structure, so that mood can be altered by either raising or lowering the level of light and comfort can be fine-tuned with a thermostat irregardless of what the weather happens to be doing around the party.

While flooring materials vary widely in luxury outdoor kitchens, there is always a look of ultra-sophistication.
A good floor is well worth the sizeable investment it may represent in terms of the overall costs of an outdoor kitchen. Carpet will not take exposure to the elements, so aesthetic of the floor must speak for itself without relying on something else for ornamentation.

Tiles made of decorative concrete, unique patterns of brick, and even highly polished natural stone floor are popular choices.

Luxury outdoor kitchens are built with three walls and a roof with maximum weather resistance in mind.
The front area that is normally to the elements can also be protected, when necessary, by a screen that keeps out the rain. There will always be some exposure to the power of the elements because the kitchen is exposed to outdoor air and variable seasonal temperatures. However, the interiors of these buildings, and their contents, are made of materials that can withstand these changes without rusting, loss of color, or deterioration in function.

Appliances in luxury outdoor kitchens represent a blend of indoor and outdoor cooking experiences.
You can expect to find refrigerators, freezers, toasters, microwave ovens, and roasting spits in almost every kitchen. Every appliance is made of stainless steel to buffer against rust and to give the cook the most sanitary environment possible. Cabinets are also constructed from stainless steel and give the homeowner plenty of storage room for cookware, utensils, towels, and cleaning supplies

Stovetops always feature a full set of electric burners. Ovens are typically located underneath the stoves just like they are in standard indoor kitchens. Along with standard stoves and ovens, luxury outdoor kitchens also usually have a grill located to the side of the main burners.

This lets homeowners prepare barbecue, hot dogs, and hamburgers like they normally would on any charcoal grill. However, they are sheltered from any sudden rain shower that might arise here on the Texas Gulf Coast that would otherwise put a damper on the party.