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How to Host Holiday parties in Your Outdoor Kitchen

Your outdoor kitchen is the perfect place to prepare a Thanksgiving dinner. Your oven will be every bit as good as the one inside your home interior, so you can cook the traditional turkey with a view of lighted landscapes and fountains, illuminated trees, your custom swimming pool, and your beautiful patio and garden designs while you work on preparing the meal.

While the turkey roasts in the oven, you can also roasts vegetables and prepare your special sauces on a full-size, state-of-the art stove. You will have everything you need before you even start the cooking, because all the special cookware you need to prepare side dishes and desserts will have been stored beforehand in your stainless steel cabinets and outdoor refrigerator.

When it is time to eat, what better place to give thanks and enjoy the best family time of the year than from the dining room area of your fully lighted outdoor kitchen? Sitting at a comfortable table in a dining area customized to seat your family and closest friends, how could anyone fail to remember how special the meal was as they enjoyed in the context of your beautiful backyard design?


No doubt many of these people will want to come back in December for your Christmas party. Here, your outdoor kitchen is the best place to hold the festivities. In most Houston landscapes, people add additional ornamentation and lighting to their yards to set the mood for the season.

Having the party outside where everyone can feel surrounded by the rich iconography and special lights will make the backyard feel like a gigantic outdoor living room decorated with Christmas spirit. While it may be very cold outside, it is possible to enjoy a great deal of warmth from the comfort of the living room area.

Both a climate control system, and a fully functioning fireplace, can make even an outdoor room feel cozy at night—without you having to deny yourself a view of the beauty of the winter landscape.

You can expand on this sense even further by placing your live Christmas tree in either the living room part of your outdoor kitchen, or, weather permitting this year, even placing it just outside the entrance to the building. If it is dry and warmer than usual this Christmas, you can use all kinds of trees and shrubs on your landscape as Christmas trees.

Your New Year’s Party will be even more enjoyable because your Christmas decorations will still be lighting up your Houston landscape. In the meantime, you will have more things to add to the end of year celebrations. Your outdoor kitchen stove will help you cook all the traditional New Year’s cuisine, including the infamous good luck charms of black eyed peas and cabbage.

No doubt your freezer full of ice, your full service countertop and bar, and your trusted outdoor blender will keep the drinks flowing past midnight. Don’t forget, too, that all kinds of drinks, including age appropriate beverages for kids, can be prepared by the equipment we provide you with.

In either case, your outdoor kitchen will be the hub and central station of your outdoor New Year party, and the talk of many memories for many years to come.