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Landscape Elements Create A Luxury Backyard

Exterior World’s seasoned staff of Houston landscape designers can create a luxury backyard behind your home by harmonizing hardscape, landscape architecture, and natural forms into a unified field of experience that will draw you out of your house into an adventure in outdoor living.

A luxury backyard like this will make you feel like you do not have to spend money on a trip to get away.
It will make you feel pampered with a rich organic presence that seems to emanate from the lush vegetation around you. It will center your mind with new hardscape designs whose forms harmoniously add a uniquely personal touch to the beauty of nature that surrounds you.

Each luxury backyard follows the free flowing movements established by the architecture of your house.
Just as large stone buildings in the past were built around corner foundation stones, your Houston landscape architect will build an outdoor living environment centered on the aesthetic of your house. The landscape elements themselves follow certain basic principles that differentiate them as luxury elements.

When we say luxury elements, we are talking about the quality of elements, not a separate category of landscape elements.

A higher awareness of geometric proportion, exclusive reliance on only the highest-grade building materials, and a blending of vegetation apply across the board to all of the many elements that you typically associate with professional landscape design.
This sense of enhancement manifests in different ways in different landscape elements.


Luxury hardscapes, for example, are built with vertical impact to add three-dimensional drama and interest to the environment.
In a luxury backyard, we never see patios, terraces, or walkways that are simply flat to the ground. A Houston landscaping expert will builds these structures with a sense of depth than will be felt as much as it will be seen.

Terraces behind large houses are built as bi-level or tri-level surfaces that progress downward to the lawn like giant steps.
Some of these terraces are so massive they can house swimming pools with spas within their perimeters. Planters can rise up to add a green element to the stonework of the hardscape surface.

The blend of water, stone, and plant life progressing downward into grass, gardens, and trees has a powerful impact on the imagination.
The drama and interest it generates immediately establishes a theme of significance that every luxury backyard must have in order to fill the senses with the comfort of a place far removed from daily mediocrity.

A walkway leading out from such a terrace into other areas of the yard would be no less sophisticated. It is normally constructed of the same type of stone that is used to build the terrace.
This continues the aesthetic progression of the hardscape to other points of interest. Three-dimensional impact is given to walkway stones with subtle designs engraved on the stone that mirrors architectural keynotes of your house. This ties your landscape to your terrace, and it works as a sophisticated mirror of artistry that brings everything back to the aesthetic foundation of the dwelling.

Outdoor buildings in luxury backyards are typically characterized by the rich presence of plant life, custom architecture, and attractive, high-grade construction materials.
Houston landscape consultants skillfully plant trees, hedges, and gardens around these buildings to make even the most sophisticated architecture appear like it belongs in the world of nature itself.

The kitchen will be constructed on an elevated slab that mirrors the dimensions of the home’s terrace. This allows for the abundant plant life around it to flourish without obscuring the view of the dining room interior.

In most summer kitchens, there is the kitchen proper, a dining room, an opulent living room replete with fireplace and climate controls. Some even have a side patio for outdoor dining when the weather is ideal for sitting under the stars. Such architecture represents a microcosm of the custom home set back in the yard, under the trees, rising up from the earth like a very part of the garden itself.

Houston landscaping designers can create many similar outdoor rooms that will fill the mind with an opulent sense that one is being cared for personally by the very landscape elements themselves.
Wherever you go in a luxury backyard that is distinguished by hardscape, gardens, and landscape architecture such as this, you will get the distinct impression that the very outdoor environment you are reclining in approves of your personal lifestyle with a near sentient awareness that makes you feel validated in who you are.