Landscaping with Stones

Landscaping with stones is an excellent way to add instant curb appeal to your property.

The universality of stone make it possible to use as both an accent support element or a primary element in landscape design depending on what is most appropriate to your home and lawn.

Additionally, its close association with both nature and early human history makes landscaping with stone very well-suited to harmoniously linking architecture, hardscape, and garden design.

Its durability also carries with it return on investment in the form of savings accumulated through the preemption of costly repairs that are inevitably associated with brick and concrete.

As the first building material ever used by humans, stone carries with it both a sense of antiquity and continued modernity that enable it to support anything from the purely historical to the ultra contemporary.

The near infinite color, shapes, and textures of rocks available to professional landscape designers makes landscaping with stones perhaps the most universal method of supporting any style of landscaping or home architecture.

You will be amazed at the sheer variety that you can achieve on your landscape simply by varying the sizes of rocks that comprise the various elements at hand. Stones can be crushed to support something as small as a custom flower bed that expands the dimensions of your front porch.

Baseball sized rocks can be used in any number of garden designs and often cross over into the ornamental realm as adjunct decorations to urns, planters, and other adornments found on seat walls, patios, and planters.


Larger rocks are used to add drama, definition, and vertical impact to the landscape.

Many Houston landscapes can be greatly enhanced by a careful, deliberate placement of boulders in key locations.

These large rocks act as focal points that tie divergent landscape elements together along invisible lines of aesthetic force. This especially serves the owner of a very large estate, where it is necessary to create zones of interest that make the property look less overwhelming in size to guests.

It is ironic that a large rock can actually bring a large yard into a more tightly knit focus, is it not?

Landscaping with stones is the best possible compliment to certain types of houses.

Some homes look very sophisticated and emphasize their purely manmade design. Others, however, speak of simpler times in more rural environments. It is not uncommon for us to find, even in a city as large as Houston, many people who have purchased a small patio home, single story family home, or cottage that gives them the feeling of being removed from the city.

We can help these homeowners feel even more removed from the hustle and bustle of urban life by landscaping with stone elements that directly accent the architectural motifs of their house.

This serves the interests of homeowners inhabiting very small property lots. The lot itself may not provide sufficient acreage for widespread garden design and lawn décor, there is an opportunity to ornament the landscape with custom hardscapes made of stone.