Landscape Brick Walls

Landscape brick walls are a versatile form of masonry that can significantly improve the curb appeal of a property. Since so many homes in Houston are made from brick, walls made from the same material prove a ready and effective decorative compliment to their architecture.

Landscape brick walls establish a feeling of formality and privacy.
There is something innately Old World about brick that conjures up images in the mind of mansions and regal European estates. The larger the home and property, the more magnified this effect becomes.

A feeling of total privacy can be created by building the wall completely out of brick in all four directions—permitting only a view of the upper portion of the home over the top of the wall. A more relaxed, yet nonetheless very formal effect can be created by replacing sections of the wall with linear runs of iron fencing. This allows for a view to the outside world that makes things appear more inviting to guests.


Landscape brick walls are very often built as retaining walls on Houston landscapes.
Brick is an excellent material to use for retaining walls because it is durable and so low maintenance. A brick retaining wall is also very cost effective to build in comparison to stone. Its decorative appeal will upgrade the look of any number of landscape designs and styles, and it will provide a great transition between a brick house and other landscape elements that are also made of brick such as walkways, outdoor rooms, and summer kitchens.

Gardens often need some sort of clear boundary that provides them with form and definition.
A landscape brick wall built around a garden helps compliment stone or brick walkways leading up to and through the garden. The vertical impact that the wall provides also helps magnify the garden’s importance. The good thing about garden walls is there really is no hard fast rule on how high they have to be. Even a wall that is six to eighteen inches can be enough to add attraction factor to a linear planting or flower bed alongside a walkway or trail.

Courtyards are outdoor elements that are also frequently constructed out of brick.
The patios in many courtyards are made from decorative brick or colored brick that are laid out in all manner of linear and radial patterns. Landscape brick walls of varying heights can be built around these patios to compliment hardscape design and create the feeling of being enclosed in a separate space where fine outdoor décor and special moments of conversation are meant to happen.

The height of the wall can be used to regulate the degree of separation one feels from the outside world. Low walls create the sense of an open, decorative space, whereas high walls feel more like an outdoor room dedicated to more formal and refined outdoor living.

Bricks now come in so many different colors and sizes that they can be used to extend the architecture of almost any home into a multitude of special forms that unite function, form, and outdoor living sensibility.