Flagstone Landscaping

Flagstone landscaping is one of the finest styles of stone landscaping.
Flagstone is a hard, thin stone that is geologically similar to sandstone. Its properties make it very well-suited to hardscape designs that require a hard, durable surface that will not crack or wear. Because each piece features a highly irregular shape, the patterns created in flagstone landscaping create immediately visual interest anywhere they are built in a yard.

Additional interest is created by the grains of the stone itself. Flagstone contains small mica flakes that shine like glitter in the light. This makes it a superb choice for any surface on which you may want to display ornamental statuary, decorative urns, or collections of potted plant.

Patio design is an integral part of a flagstone landscaping theme.
Flagstone patios can be opulent in nature. It will immediately upgrade its surroundings with a sense of luxury. Such a hardscape makes for an ideal terrace just beyond the threshold of a home with French doors that open out to a portico overlooking the Houston landscape.


It also makes for an ideal compliment to a luxury swimming pool. Flagstone’s innately glimmering look will be magnified when it becomes wet. A very popular type of flagstone to use around large swimming pools like this is a type known as bluestone. It is distinguished by a deep blue color that compliments the lighter color of the water and looks superb under landscape lighting at night.

Flagstone landscaping can actually be extended beyond the landscape into the interiors of outdoor buildings.
Its superior appearance and tough durability make it an ideal surface area for interior flooring. This is often done to accommodate residents who have invested in large custom homes may want to add an outdoor kitchen or outdoor living room that offers the same quality of life and comfort as their indoor living space.

Entry gardens and courtyards are two other areas where such a flooring contributes to the feeling of high-end outdoor living. These special enclosures are very important if you are planning to build accommodations for guests of all personality types. Some people simply do not want to be near all the noise around the pool, nor do they want to gather within a pergola or gazebo for drinks.

Give them instead an elegant place of privacy and solitude characterized by professional masonry walls and a glimmering, ornamental hardscape. They will be content with quiet conversation by a illuminated fountain all night.

Flagstone landscaping is not limited to horizontal structures alone. It can also be used to create beautiful retaining walls and seat walls.
In back yards that have a varied grade that can cause problems with drainage during times of high rain, we often have to develop a landscape design plan that counters this pitfall with one or more retaining walls.

Seat walls are similar to retaining walls but they are not used to hold back the earth. Instead, they are used to add vertical impact to a hardscape and to provide a place for people to sit and enjoy the scenery.

Both retaining walls and seat walls built out of flagstone add a special glimmer to the yard that brightens the environment without being overdone.