Custom Fireplaces Compliment and Enhance Outdoor Architecture

Custom fireplaces complement the architecture of your home and extend its aesthetic into the exterior world of your outdoor living space.

You do not have to settle for a generic, portable outdoor fireplace if you want ambience, mystique, and superior outdoor aesthetic.
Exterior Worlds can build you an outdoor custom fireplace of any shape or size.

Free standing fireplaces can be as tall as you like them, because they are not limited by the vertical size constraints of interior walls. Fireplaces that are integrated into other outdoor elements can be highly customized to the unique dimensions of an outdoor room, a courtyard wall, or even the outer wall of the house.

There are many different places where we can build you a custom fireplace that will create new lifestyle opportunities for your time spent outdoors.

A custom fireplace adds the finishing touches to an outdoor dining room.
There are all sorts of outdoor rooms. Some are very basic structures consisting of four columns supporting a roof. Others are fully furnished living rooms with walls and built in kitchens.

Many people use these rooms for dinner parties on nights when the weather is favorable. However, on rainy nights during winter months, the cold and humidity can put a damper on the revelry very quickly.


Adding a fireplace to any such environment adds warmth and light to the setting.

Another popular location for a custom fireplace is at the end of a patio dedicated to social events.
Not every guest you invite to your property is a big fan of swimming. Some people do not like getting wet, and some feel overwhelmed with the sounds of splashing as adults and children alike jump in and out of the water. Such guests need a more tranquil focal point for socialization that will allow them to enjoy the events of the day in a more relaxed frame of mine. A patio fireplace will provide them just such a focal point.

Since patios can be built practically anywhere in the yard, the design possibilities here are truly limitless. Garden patios, for example, are often punctuated by fountains or lighted sculptures. This is so common that it has almost become cliché in landscape design.

You can be different, and you can offer your guests so much more, by replacing the typically iconic with something innovative and invigorating.
Building a custom fireplace on your garden patio makes your garden comfortable to visit in the winter and charmingly ambient in the summer. The vegetation around your fireplace will glow and dance, adding a multidimensional element to your garden design.

Patios can also be built along hilltops in backyards that border the many bayous that form the watershed of the Houston landscape. Imagine sitting under the stars by a fireplace and chimney that rise up to meet the tree line that punctuates the horizon behind your home.

Regardless of whether or not you are looking to create unique space, or simply add a secondary decorative element to an already special area of interest, a custom fireplace can be a truly warm addition to your landscape in more ways than one.