Garden Walls

Garden walls is a type of landscape architecture, outdoor walls naturally provide a visual transition between your house and the yards. These outdoor walls create beauty and value in your surrounding grounds, a statement that is true whether you put them to work as a sturdy retaining garden wall or use a living garden wall to give your space vibrant, and maybe even blooming, definition.

Our clients at Exterior Worlds have enjoyed them in other ways, too. Our clients’ outdoor walls function as the dividers to encircle an outdoor room or close off part of a patio to provide a quiet retreat. We have used them to create micro-climates; for instance, building a wall facing north or east and then planting species of plants that like shade. Likewise, we have turned the wall into a support for climbing roses and other vines.


Straight or curvilinear, these green walls can be the means to accomplish other ends: to demark property lines, as the backdrop for raised flowerbeds or rock landscaping, to create terraces that fit the contours of your property, for separation between your turf and the garden beds or between your patio and lawn, to guide guests through your gardens or for needed privacy. In other words, use them anywhere you need to define a space in a beautiful manner.

Exterior walls come in all heights. Most municipalities have restrictions on walls built over a certain height. For instance, a city may require that plans for any wall built two feet or higher must be approved by an engineer. Exterior Worlds is known for our expertise in navigating through this approval process.

You have a wide range of material choices when building an outdoor wall. These options include brick, stone, pre-formed masonry blocks, wood, frosted glass and stucco. A brick garden wall adds a formal touch to your landscape in comparison to, say, wood or pre-formed masonry. In all cases, you want the wall to unify the architecture of your property’s structures with your landscape.

Walls in gardens serve as lovely accompaniment to other features within your landscape design; for instance, paired with a luxury spa, thus providing additional seclusion and a sense of enclosure. You can also add lovely garden wall fountains in a range of styles, shapes and configurations.

An exterior wall fits into almost any garden theme or design. The romantic ones, such as English gardens and Southern gardens, practically demand one. You will also find walls work well in other styles; a Zen garden or modern garden décor, just to name two more.

Outdoor walls are useful, delightful and charming architectural elements in your landscape design. But do remember that building such a structure is a craft, not only in its planning and placement, but in the actual construction. At Exterior Worlds, we pride ourselves on the professionalism that ensures the highest level of workmanship. It only increases your pleasure in the outdoor wall—now, and for all the years in which the wall will stand. For more the 20 years Exterior Worlds has specialized in servicing many of Houston’s fine neighborhoods.