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Why use Drought Resistant Perennials?

Exterior Worlds can reduce your landscape maintenance by planting drought resistant perennials.
These plants specialize in water conservation that allows them to endure long periods of dry weather. Few are actually desert plants in the strictest sense of the term, so they can be used with any number of Houston landscaping designs. Many are also indigenous to Texas and can be used in virtually every part of the yard to create year round world of color and form that resists extreme weather, insect predation, and troublesome plant diseases.

Drought resistance is primarily determined by leaf constitution. Species in this category have evolved variegated foliage that maximizes water retention. The plants can literally store water in their leaves for long periods of time and consequently require only infrequent rainfall to replenish themselves. They have also evolved something of a limited growth mechanism in their genetic makeup. Drought resistant plants grow to a certain size and no more. Pruning is required only a few rare occasions. Otherwise, the plants basically take care of themselves and retain their desired shape free from human support.

Due to the vast and varied geography of our state, most of the drought resistant perennials we use in Houston landscaping designs are native to Texas. This is good for ecology in many respects. By minimizing the use of non-native species, more of the existing ecosystem can be preserved. Additionally, environmental health is increased by reduced pesticide use. Due to the fact that native plants have evolved their own resistance to insects and plant diseases, the chemical treatments normally required for many lawn grasses and gardens do not have to be used in a Houston landscape populated by native species.


While we do not insist dogmatically on using native plants exclusively, we do want our clients to realize that drought resistant perennials indigenous to Texas are far more colorful and varied than most Gulf Coast residents realize. People who may initially insist on using exotic species to add color and variety to their yard often change their mind when they come to understand that the huge diversity of Texas plants makes it possible to create all sorts of unique Houston landscaping designs that range from formal to tropical themes.

However, the origin of drought resistant perennials is not as important as the lasting curb appeal they bring to a property.
Because they come in all sizes, they can be planted in many different places throughout the yard. Smaller plants can be used as ground covers that can substitute for lawn grass in front of homes. This has the effect of magnifying the appeal of the home façade.

Other drought resistant perennials are mid-sized plants and shrubs of all sizes. These make excellent softscape borders around patios, walkways, walls, and swimming pool areas. Border elements like this are very important because they draw attention to hardscape design. The more colorful and vibrantly green they appear throughout the year, the more emphasis the hardscapes they surround receive. Also, many species feature extremely long blooming seasons, which makes them exceptionally suited for any garden design that requires the use of flowering plants.