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Tips on Drought Resistant Flowers

Drought resistant flowers save tremendous money on irrigation costs during extended dry spells.
The vitality and color they contribute to your yard will maintain your home’s curb appeal during the most brutal months of the summer. While other vegetation in surrounding areas withers, your yard will have a hardy, lively attraction factor that will make it stand out from other properties on your block.

Think beyond what you normally conceive of as “flowers” when listing ideas for your Houston landscaping designer. There are many different plant types that produce beautiful flowers, so you can enjoy a broad spectrum of design characterized by varying levels of concentration and vertical impact no matter how badly the local environment is impacted by our next severe drought.

Some of the most colorful drought resistant flowers are actually blooms found on trees and shrubs. Sizes vary from between 2 feet on up to 25 feet. This enormous range affords a multitude of design possibilities. Mid-sized shrubs can function as foundational plantings that bear beautiful blooms in the spring or summer, depending on their blooming cycle. Larger drought resistant plants can be used to create privacy walls in back yards. Trees and shrubs can also be used to build organic walls around patios, transforming them from simple hardscapes to outdoor rooms.


Drought resistant flowers can also be found in the stemmed varieties that we normally picture in our minds when we think of flower beds. Blooms range from simple white to bright reds and violets. You can have our designers plant a veritable rainbow of accents around all of your major hardscapes and trees. Stemmed flowers are also very instrumental in the cultivation of custom gardens and English gardens. These styles rely heavily on color and do very well with drought resistant perennials characterized by long blooming cycles.

Still another excellent source of drought resistant flowers can be found in a wide range of ground cover plants that function as superb lawn alternatives. Lawn grass is notorious for consuming large quantities of water during the summer. If you invest in a Houston landscaping design that utilizes drought tolerant lawn alternatives, it will significantly reduce the cost of irrigating your entire yard. Many of the plants used for this purpose are also very attractive. Not only do their flowers add a strong visual appeal to the front of a home, but the foliage patterns of many of these species are often highly attractive.

To achieve this, you will need to do more than a trip to the garden store. No matter how tolerant a plant is to drought, no plant is completely drought proof in the sense that it can go an indefinite period of time without water. To some degree or another, water will still be needed at times to maintain the health and life of your drought resistant flowers.

Exterior Worlds specializes in landscaping designs that maximize soil rainwater water retention and efficient irrigation of softscapes and trees. Creating an environment that is conservation conscious in this respect ensures the greatest longevity of vegetation at the lowest possible cost of maintenance.