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What To Look For In Lawn Care Professionals

There is a general impression out there that just about anyone can take care of a lawn. It hasn’t helped matters that anyone who can afford a lawn mower and a sign on their pickup can call themselves a lawn care professional.

The truth? A lot of experience, technical ability and knowledge go into making true lawn care professionals such as you’ll find at Exterior Worlds. We believe that the lawn care business is about so much more than a weekly cutting of the grass.

Plus there is the nearly unquantifiable quality that is part intuition, part enthusiasm and part innate interest which really sets the serious professional apart from the wannabes. The best way you can uncover this characteristic is to ask them about the art of landscape. Then sit back and see what kind of response you get.


Following is a brief listing of services to look for in a lawn care professional that are in addition to the regular mowing and trimming of grass. Before hiring any crew, including Exterior Worlds, to take over your landscaping responsibilities, be sure you understand not only what they do, but how they do it:

  • Lawn aeration. Aeration is the methodical removal of small soil plugs, or cores, out of the lawn, usually by machine. It is the best way to reduce the compaction of heavily-used turf and to control thatch buildup. The practice of aeration benefits the turf by increasing the activity of microorganisms that promote de-thatching and by improving water infiltration which helps with drainage. Most Houston lawns need aeration twice a year, but we think you can’t aerate enough, so the more often the better.
  • Quality drainage. Because of the soil and climate conditions in Houston, a drainage system positively impacts your entire property. It drains water from low-lying areas that could damage the foundation of your home. Additionally, it prevents standing water that can cause slippery surfaces, mosquito breeding grounds and drowned landscaping. Proper yard drainage is essential for the care of your lawn because it quickly moves water off your property, thus encouraging healthy grass growth. Exterior Worlds has the ability to monitor your drainage system to ensure its optimal functionality.
  • Houston tree planting/Houston tree lighting. Trees are a beautiful and becoming part of any landscape. Valuable assets, they need special attention and care, whether they are newly planted or deserving of the spotlight in your landscape lighting scheme. We have the expertise to assist in these matters.
  • Landscape and pool services. Homeowners often find that it is beneficial from a money-saving and time-saving standpoint to have their landscaping and pool services combined into one full-service firm like Exterior Worlds. It cuts down on the number of phone calls you have to make and it gives us the opportunity to take a holistic approach to the care of your property.
  • Specialty care for theme gardens. Many high-end homes have theme gardens, such as a natural landscape or a Southern garden, which require the care of specialists due to the delicacy of the plants or because of the intricacy of the overall design. The lawn care professionals at Exterior Worlds are well-schooled in different techniques and possess an artistic eye.

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