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Houston lawn service companies seem to be everywhere. We see their trucks in every neighborhood, and we read their ads in a variety of Houston magazines, newspapers, and posted fliers. Most of these companies are not landscape design firms per se, but rather yard service companies whose main specialties lie in basic mowing, edging, and fertilizer services.

While these basics represent a good foundation for lawn care, they are by no means comprehensive when it comes to addressing all the variables required to maintain a truly impeccable yard. For that, Houston residents need the experienced landscape designing skills of Exterior Worlds to ensure that installation and maintenance of their lawn is handled correctly and reliably maintained.

Many people assume that the yard they purchase with the home is in tip top condition if the grass is green the day they move in. This is not always the case. The soil may be so dry from the heat that it is beginning to crack and disrupt root systems. Over time, if these cracks widen and split in the heat, they can cause the terrain to become uneven in places. Fungi and insects may also be eating away at the grass bit by bit, not leaving any trace of their activities until damage is so extensive that it is very costly to repair.


Professional installation of new grass can go a long way toward preserving the aesthetic of the landscape. Houston lawn specialists begin by tilling existing soil to help even out its consistency. They also add soil amendments and minor nutrients to help new grasses get the best possible growth start. In almost all cases, existing soil needs new sod laid out neatly in cut blocks, which are then rolled into existing soil to create a new, softer consistency for roots systems to form.

There are many types of grasses we can then install to make any Houston lawn look exceptional in comparison to those in neighboring residences. In most yards, San Augustine predominates and tends to make all the yards on the block look more or less the same. The unique thing about San Augustine grass is that it grows just as well in the shade as it does in the sun. Adding Bermuda and Zoysia grass in sunny areas can be done on a selective basis and still make a yard look entirely unique in comparison to those around it.

It is important that Houston residents understand the many threats that can come against their yards and take steps to protect their investment. Natural hazards include fungus and insects. Manmade hazards include improper watering (both over and under) and foot traffic. Many people start off on the wrong foot altogether by hiring a yard services company to install new grasses. Poor preparation of existing soils and bad elevations typically result from these cheaper routes to yard improvement.

Because the Houston Landscape is so flat, the grade of a yard is crucial to proper drainage. We often must build concealed drains into a lawn in order to provide immediate and effective water runoff. Without such drains, many yards would flood and grass and garden species would quickly die or fall prey to fungal infections.

Professional Houston landscapers know how to safeguard a lawn against the many natural hazards that plague it, and they know how to avoid the mistakes made by yard service companies and the inadequate counsels of many do-it-yourself manuals. Advanced botanical training, supervision, and experience all work together to differentiate our services from those of other Houston companies who simply cut grass and trim hedges.

The most effective and reliable services can also be routinely scheduled under a landscape maintenance contract. Such things as quarterly fertilizing, pesticide administration, watering, and replanting can all be itemized to ensure that a yard remains vibrant and attractive year round regardless of external climatic conditions.