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Lawn maintenance service is a fundamental aspect of overall landscape care. It sets the tone for all the other elements. Or, at least it does, the way Exterior Worlds does it. Let us act as property managers for your home landscape and gardens.

Our lawn maintenance service begins with an intention to maintain and improve the original design, plus provide ongoing and regular superior care, expertise and attention. For high-net worth individuals, the opportunity cost to become bogged down in landscaping chores, duties and management far outweighs the cost of hiring Exterior Worlds to handle them. It is a far better use of your time—and certainly more profitable—to be in the office working rather than meeting with contractors, changing the water times on the sprinkler system, and inspecting the grounds for sick and dead plants.

Our track record of providing these services for more than 20 years to homes in West University, Tanglewood, Bellaire, River Oaks, and the Memorial Villages, including Piney Point Village, Hunter Creek Village, Bunker Hill Village and Hedwig Village, proves our case.

Here are the basics of a lawn maintenance contract with Exterior Worlds. We do these chores so you don’t have to:

  • Regular mowing and trimming. A typical contract covers mowing and trimming weekly in the spring and summer months and changing to every other week during the cooler months.
  • Chemical treatments. Our fertilizing, feeding and other chemical treatments are integral to lawn maintenance service as they supply a shot in the arm to plants, making them better able to fight diseases and infestations common to the Houston area and to withstand the rigors of our weather.


  • Lawn Aeration. Another essential of proper lawn maintenance service, aeration provides several benefits: it improves water infiltration which helps reduces harmful fungi and helps with drainage, it increases the earth worm population, and it increases the activity of microorganisms that promote de-thatching.
  • Irrigation system maintenance and repair. An irrigation system requires regular oversight, such as the replacement of broken heads and valves. We also keep track of the best times and days to water, which change depending on the weather and the season. In Houston, the best time to begin watering is a couple of hours before sunrise. This start time puts water on the plants and ground before the sun comes up and starts putting out its heat. If you start later, you will lose a lot of water due to evaporation. If you start any earlier, the water just sits there, giving fungus the opportunity to grow.
  • Inspection of storm drainage systems. A proper yard drainage system moves water off your property in a timely manner, which encourages healthy grass and allows the maintenance crew to perform its regular lawn service tasks.

In addition to lawn services, Exterior Worlds offers garden services, either as a stand-alone contract or in combination with turf care. Examples of these services include:

  • Dead-heading flowers.
  • Rose maintenance.
  • Professional pruning.
  • The training of vines.
  • Professional mulch installation and bi-weekly mulch break-up.

Call us at 713-827-2255 to see if we can help you with your landscape maintenance needs.