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What is garden design landscaping?

Garden design landscaping establishes the organic elements of your property with controlled forms of beauty. A garden never looks wild, but it always looks alive. Geometrically, it compliments your house and hardscape design. Organically, it generates sensory perception that results in an emotional response.

Professional garden design landscaping is accomplished through a series of controlled, planned out steps. There are many aspects to professional design that make this a true science beyond the simple folk definition of “gardening.” Professional design creates relationships between forms and patterns of form by using living matter as an ordered, artistic arrangement of life force.

It goes without saying, then, that there are many different types of gardens, and that these different types of gardens have vastly different impacts on the mind. Not all of these impacts are what you would expect. Many garden designs feature styles that evoke a sense of challenge more than a sense of comfort.

Contemporary garden design landscaping is a good example of this. It is mathematical and geometrical in essence, and organic elements are used only to accent its intention. Modern garden designs contain, control, and limit life force to emphasize the conceptual, abstract aspects of the human mind.

Some people consider this style of art cold and unspiritual. Others find it the most intellectual kind of landscaping design possible. Ultimately it all comes down to a matter of taste and preference as to whether or not you would want this style for your yard.

If you like the values of controlled form, but want prefer a garden design landscaping plan that creates a tangible feeling of warmth, then you would probably enjoy a formal garden much more than a contemporary one.

Formal gardens contain and control vegetation, and they feature a sophisticated awareness of geometry. However, they are also vibrant with green. They are so green, in fact, that most formal garden plants are non-flowering shrubs, grasses, hedges, and trees that layer multiple shades of green one upon the other. The exception to this is the English formal garden, which is like a colorful, elaborate, Celtic mosaic of ancient flowering artwork.


We have to remain aware that gardens of all kinds involve much more than plants. With the exception of contemporary styles, the essence of the garden is established by the plant life. The linear movements, turns, forms, and angles, though, are established by inorganic structures.

One of the more important of these structures is the garden walkway. It serves both an ornamental purpose and a functional purpose. On an aesthetic level, a walkway works like a line moving through the interior of a geometric shape, compounding its geometry in the process. Building a walkway the correct way is a key element to making garden design landscaping follow the intended patterns of any particular style.

On a practical level, the walkway is a transit area that takes you into the garden. Without a walkway, you only get to look at your garden from the outside in. Walking through the garden, however, lets you examine it from multiple vantage points looking from the inside out.

Garden walls are often used to reinforce the visible boundaries around the garden. Most walls are built from masonry, but some can also be organically created in the form of special hedge rows or ornamental tree walls.

Houston gardening services by Exterior Worlds include traditional, modern, contemporary, and custom garden design landscaping services. Many derivative forms based on standard styles like the Italian gardens, French gardens, English gardens, and knot garden designs are also possible.

We can always take something typical and make it uniquely atypical to personalize it to your individual home and property. We can also build custom garden designs based on the inspiration of your own sheer imaginative powers. In many cases too, we create special, adapted gardens to unique environments such as the shade garden design.