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Lawn And Garden Services

Taking care of your landscape is a commitment. It involves prep work before a single plant gets put into the ground. And then it requires patience and diligence to maintain it in such a way that it flourishes to become the landscape you originally envisioned.

The complete lawn and garden services from Exterior Worlds will help get you there.

The first pre-planting step in proper lawn and garden services begins with the soil. We have the training in botanical sciences that allows us to prepare the soil with fertilizers that are best suited for our topography and climate. A common problem we find with new clients is that a store-bought fertilizer, something developed for popular plant species, was used and it does not provide the nutrition required by locally-grown plants that must withstand our particular climate. Thus the homeowners have an under-performing garden and lawn.

The second step we recommend for high-quality lawn and garden services: install a drainage system. A well-designed yard drainage system provides proper grading and drainage solutions that channel water away from structures and surfaces.


The third step in the pre-planting process is installing an irrigation system. A first-rate irrigation system uses a combination of heads, controller technology and zones to create a site-specific system for your garden landscape.

As for Houston lawn service, our maintenance program includes:

  • • Mowing and trimming. We recommend weekly service from March through October and bi-weekly from November through February.
  • • Dethatching. Removing thick grass to promote vigorous growth.
  • • Over-seeding with winter grass, also known as rye grass. This practice keeps lawns green throughout the winter.
  • • Chemical treatments. Types of fertilizers used include organic, fast-release, slow release and winterizer. Insecticides and fungicides address insect and fungus infestations, an eternally-present threat to healthy grass.
  • • Lawn aeration. We recommend aeration to improve compacted and heavily-used turf.

The components of our garden services include:

  • • Clipping, pruning and trimming. For maximum vitality of your garden, we think a professional can best perform this necessary task as we understand form and use best practices for maintaining your plants’ appearances.
  • • Mulching and weeding. Mulch helps the soil retain moisture. Weeding is done as needed.
  • • Feeding. Flowers need to be fertilized every six weeks.
  • • Paying attention to the original design intent. Many of our designs use a variety of plant species to create a singular garden based on your preferences. Styles include: Japanese garden, Mediterranean landscape design and modern landscape design.

The final piece of lawn and garden services is putting a maintenance contract in place. Such a contact should cover lawn mowing, plus all the requisite lawn care as detailed above. Additionally, you will want your shrubs, ground cover and vines trimmed and trained to maintain a neat appearance. Your trees need attention, too—from the trimming of small trees to the inspection for disease and insect infestations. Flower beds need regular care, including your preferences regarding seasonal change-outs. And all surfaces—sidewalks, driveways, custom swimming pools, ponds, patios and outdoor water fountains—should be cleared of debris after each service call.

If you are interested in any high-quality landscape services, Exterior Worlds has been providing the high-end residential landscape services and garden design services discussed above for the Houston and the surrounding areas including memorial villages (Piney Point Village, Bunker Hill Village,Hunter Creek Village), Tanglewood, River Oaks, West University and the greater Houston (Hou), area since 1987. Contact us at 713-827-2255