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What Is Fall Landscaping?

With November right upon us, it is time to invest in fall landscaping if you have not already done so. There are certain basic services that every Houston landscaping client needs to ensure the best possible aesthetic for next year’s spring. Some of these services are intended to safeguard existing plant life, while others are intended to prepare for new forms that will emerge after winter has passed.

Garden plant maintenance is top priority. Different types of plants will need different types of care. If you have seed stalk plants in your garden, we will need to remove them for you. If not, it will cost you more money to have them weeded out of your garden next spring.

Roses must also be protected before the cold weather sets in. With the right preparation, they will endure the winter and continue to make your garden beautiful no matter what the weather does.

There are other plants that can be left to themselves. Perennials and plants that were planted in the summer will do just fine until the first cold fronts start to blow.

Tree pruning should be a priority in fall landscaping in order to prevent matting during the winter months. No matter what types of trees you have, or how well they have survived previous winters, it is wise to have a Houston landscaping professional check their status, and to appropriately trim back their growth in preparation for the holiday season.

If you are interested in planting new shrubs and trees in your yard, this is the best time of year to plant certain species. Fruit trees especially do well when planted at this time of year. There are other types of trees and shrubs that are ideal for creating tree walls for privacy and organic walls for courtyards.

In this sense, fall landscaping can do just as much to add to your yard as it does to maintain what is already there.


Consider as well how enhancing curb appeal in this economy can only be a good investment in the future. There are many structures that can be built at any time of the year that will compliment homes and create special zones of interest. Many people do not realize how important structure is to Houston landscaping because they associate landscape design with the cultivation of plant life alone.

The reality is much different. Up to eighty percent of a yard will often consist of hardscapes and outdoor buildings. Elements such as patios, walkways, stepping stone paths, decorative staircases, outdoor kitchens, courtyards, and fountains can be added to your yard as part of your fall landscaping project.

Even if some of these structures are already present in your yard, consider how stone and decorative concrete made to look like stone can create additional elements that connect the home, as well as all zones of interest, into a network of personal lifestyle expressions.

Remember that fall landscaping involves all of the basic services that characterize Exterior Worlds as a premier Houston landscaping design firm. Also too, it ensures that basic softscape care is attended to well in advance of winter’s cold and the busy rush of the holiday season.