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No matter how sophisticated many of our projects are, Exterior Worlds always begins by meeting with clients to hear their landscaping ideas. Backyard zones of interest tend to be based around activities specific to the lifestyles of homeowners. It is essential to understand each client’s personal tastes in order to create an outdoor living environment whose form and function reflects their sensibilities.

Inspiration can come from many sources. People commonly find inspiration in the landscapes of homes belonging to friends. Others may have spent years dreaming of an outdoor kitchen or a custom swimming pool. Still others turn to online image searches to find pictures that correspond to their own sensibilities.

Backyards are landscaped by professionals who use this raw material to develop zones of interest that work to extend the aesthetics of home architecture into exterior space. This enables us to do more than simply beautify the yard. It allows us to create a place for outdoor living, replete with amenities, where people can feel just as comfortable outside their house as they feel within its four walls.


Naturally, then, people tend to focus more on major elements when they come up with their own landscaping ideas. Backyard gardens, swimming pools, outdoor kitchens, and patios rank among the most popular forms that people mention to our design team during their initial consultation. Our staff has many years of design-build experience in creating these features in a style that both reflects the minds of our clients and contributes aesthetics to the larger Houston landscaping design to which they belong.

Other elements are added to the master plan that add scale, scope, and vertical impact to these landscaping ideas. Backyard environments have always played a more important role in curb appeal than most people realize. Anyone who wishes to purchase the home will no doubt want to look in the back before making a decision. Homeowners who do not intend to sell the house, but only want a superb environment for home entertainment, will make a greater impression on family and friends with a back yard that is full of things to see, places to go, and activities to pursue.

There are other, more practical Houston landscaping elements that we add to master landscape plans that will better support the aesthetics of resident landscaping ideas. Backyard land grading will need to be done in order to ensure proper water runoff when heavy rains pour down at various times of the year. The land must be perfectly level to support outdoor building foundations, and it must be sloped away from the foundation to carry water immediately away from these buildings during storms. The same holds true for the house itself, whose foundation will be better preserved if water is not allowed to form mud around its edges that will eventually dry and crack around the base.

Drainage systems are concealed in key locations that capture the water carried along the grade of these gradual slopes. Both hardscapes and gardens are protected in this manner so that pools of standing water do not form on surfaces or collect around sensitive root systems. This also ensures better erosion control that preserves the lasting aesthetic of landscaping ideas. Backyard landscapes are much more cost effective to maintain when consciously built along these systematic principles by Exterior Worlds professionals.