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Ideas for a New Backyard Landscape Design

Adding a tree wall to your backyard landscape design will keep others from seeing into your yard.
A wall of trees will look far less imposing than a tall brick wall which runs the risk of clashing with architecture and possibly making your neighbors feel rudely shut out. Trees create a natural barrier that is softer and more aesthetic. They also look superb when illuminated with up lights that add layers of dimension in the form of light and shadow.

Have a custom deck built to give you a panoramic platform on which to host your summer parties.
A deck has a warm, natural feel because it is made of wood. That is not to say, however, that it has to be some rough cut platform that rudely juts out from the side of your home. A custom deck built by a landscape architect follows the lines and curves of your house and harmoniously extends their most significant themes into your backyard landscape design. Wood can be stained or painted to match any architectural style. Space is plentiful on most decks, allowing you to set up multiple dining areas, a covered barbecue pit, patio furniture for sunbathing, and planters for a touch of greenery here and there.

Construct a terrace to add drama, interest, and opulent luxury.
A multi-level terrace extends your home architecture much like a deck, but it is much more formal because it is built of stone or decorative concrete. It lends an immediate sense refinement, symmetry, proportion, and the sublime absolute to your backyard landscape design.


The larger your home is, the larger you terrace can be. Many terraces that we have built in the past feature a three-level design that descends into the yard like a grand staircase replete with masonry walls, ornamental planters, ornate stonework, and custom gardens cut out of the very stone itself. The largest terraces we have built have also included luxury swimming pool spas whose depth levels correspond to the grade of the terrace.

Add patios and courtyards to your backyard landscape design to create special zones of interest.
A patio can be anything you want it to be. It can host a dinner party, overlook a natural pond, or bathe in the artificial moonlight of mercury vapor tree lights. Patios can be surrounded by courtyard walls to create outdoor rooms. Often such courtyards are centered on lighted fountains that provide a focal point of conversation for you and your guests seated in a circle around the light. Other patio courtyards can be built with beautiful outdoor fireplaces that allow you to enjoy the outdoors regardless of the ups and downs we witness in our Houston winters.

Invest in outdoor lighting that will make your backyard landscape design look even better than it does in the daylight.
Landscape lighting layers light over the entirety of your yard to create a warm, ambient glow that unifies its many elements. At the same time, it also places additional layers of light over certain elements to draw attention to special features of importance. Exterior World s partners with the best landscape lighting professionals in Houston to make sure that everything we build for you ends up in the best possible light at the end of the day.