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Things You Can Do on a Patio Gazebo

A patio gazebo gives you a shaded vantage point from which to take in the entirety of the Houston landscape around you. Such a structure represents one of the most versatile activity centers you can have Exterior Worlds build on your property. Partly outdoor building, partly open to the air, a gazebo resting on a custom patio becomes an environment for dozens of lifestyle expressions.

If you are aiming for a traditional look to your Houston landscaping design, a basic wooden gazebo will provide an ideal forum for any number of group oriented events. Just a few of these include baby showers, barbecues, birthday parties, and weddings. You can stain the wood to give the structure a very true to nature appearance. Most people, however, want the bulk of the structure painted white so that it stands out in the midst of flower beds that surround the patio.

Many innovative homeowners also use the simplicity of the basic patio gazebo design for some very unique applications. Some encourage children to use it as an outdoor playroom. The structure is easy to see into, so parents can supervise what the children are doing. The hardscape floor is cool because it is shaded, and kids can scatter their favorite toys all over the place without losing them because the railings create enough of a barrier to keep both toys and kids from falling out.

Others take their laptops outside and turn the gazebo into the ultimate expression of the home internet office. In reality, there are few limits to what such a space allows other than the amount of space a chosen activity requires.


A patio gazebo with four supporting columns and an angled roof can create the perfect outdoor dining room.
The four pillars create the same sense of an interior dining room. When built over a solid patio, this provides all the shelter you need from the elements to enjoy dinner outside. Wires can be concealed that power electric lights and ceiling fans overhead. This allows you to enjoy your outdoor dining room any time of day. Some residents even place outdoor heaters near the table during the winter so that they can even dine outside during the few cold months of the year we experience in Houston.

If you want true outdoor luxury, have us build your patio gazebo with weather resistant material coverings that mimic fine indoor curtains. This structure would look very much like the pictures we see of luxury outdoor pavilions in ancient times. Within, you have all of the trappings of the fine life. Tables, chairs, couches, and even lighting can create a living room to rival anything indoors.

You can also have us build a patio gazebo as a contemporary lounge area next to your contemporary pool. Contemporary landscapes challenge the perceptions with unique expressions of geometry. Forms are very stark regardless of their linear nature or radial designs. Due to minimal vegetation, modern pools do not have the sense of organic opulence that other swimming pool designs enjoy when surrounded by any number of custom garden forms. Instead, the contemporary pool must rely upon superior hardscape design and correlative outdoor architecture to aesthetically stand out.

One way to instantly add both is to build a patio gazebo beside the water that will serves as a wet bar for outdoor cocktail parties. You can have us build the structure just large enough to cover the bar area itself, or you can opt for a much larger structure whose linear run represents a veritable outdoor lounge area for guests to mingle, talk, and enjoy music with the water only a few steps away.