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Add an Exterior Fireplace to Your Home to Create a Private Space

Sitting with your spouse in front of an exterior fireplace can make even the coldest night of the year emotionally warm and romantic. Not only can you have an intimacy you may only have thought possible in the comfort of your own living room, but you can have privacy as well.

Decorative masonry walls can surround your private fireside chat to block out the world around you. Custom gardens and small trees can line the interior, creating a partial screen that extends organic vertical impact above the wall. Custom patio work can function as an outdoor living room flooring every bit as opulent as that inside your custom home.

On a very practical level, an exterior fireplace gives a couple a ways to avoid wasting time, money, and jostling about with crowds.
We often want to get out of the house, even on weeknights, to find some special spot to have a glass of wine or a nice meal. The problem with this is we have to drive home and then get to bed in time to get up to go to work in the morning.

An exterior fireplace eliminates the time lost in travel, and the hassles of always having to hunt for new night spots. It also eliminates the crowded conditions you will find on late week and weekend nights in any quality establishment in Houston.

Instead, use your own backyard and home exterior wall to create your own five star restaurant or wine bar experience. Experiment with different kinds of food, drink, and music to create a different mood altering experience on your outdoor patio each and every time you use it.


If you have invested in a Houston landscape design, you probably will want to entertain guests outdoors at some point in time.
An exterior fireplace can be a special place for you as a couple in such an event. If your party does not require your constant, ongoing supervision, you can slip away and take a break from the festivities for a moment alone.

The mid-level walls, custom gardens, and small-growth trees that surround the patio make a polite “invitation only” statement to the other people at the event.

Of course, you are free to welcome anyone into your moment if you wish, but there is something special about having a spot just for the two of you nonetheless. During the holiday season, you are sure to enjoy your Christmas or New Year’s party without letting the stress of making everyone else happy rob you of your own.

An exterior fireplace can also be a way to maintain long-distance warmth in a marriage where spouses have to travel.
Let’s face it. Making the money to pay for a Houston landscape design requires hard work. Travel is often an integral part of the careers of Exterior Worlds clients. This is never really fun for a couple, who would much rather travel together than have one partner travel and the other stay home.

Sitting by an exterior fireplace and having a nightly conversation on cell phone or live video can be one way to close the distance gap. While it certainly is not the same as being face to face, the flickering light of the fire, the ambience of nature and stonework, and the sound of wind blowing through trees adds a sense of life to the conversation that mere electronic messaging cannot convey within itself.

Call Exterior Worlds for more information on how an outdoor fireplace can be custom built to compliment the individual themes of your home and Houston landscape design.