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Outdoor Living Spaces

Landscape elements should never be arbitrary. Each one should fulfill a purpose in your landscape design. Exterior Worlds can create these places for you based upon your favorite outdoor activities.

If you enjoy reading, think beyond the obvious pool patio and consider more intimate outdoor living spaces that give you a cozy feeling of privacy.

One of these is the gazebo. Most gazebos are built in open areas of the yard so as to offer a panoramic view of the landscape. No matter which direction you face when you sit in your gazebo, everywhere you look you will see something beautiful in your yard that puts you in the perfect frame of mind to read.

Gazebos can be a very private place with pane glass windows or screens that shield you from insects. Or, if you like, it can be a structure fully open to the air in all directions.

Another outdoor living space that is ideal for reading is an arbor. Arbors are perfect for homes with large trees because they blend so well with the trunks and branches of trees. Even on hot summer days when the heat creeps into the shade, you can read your book in comfort under a ceiling fan.

You can also spend time in an entry garden courtyard where the sound of the fountain keeps the noises of the street from crowding out your thoughts.


If you like to tone and condition for maximum health and vitality, you do not have to go to the local gym to do so. Instead, you can invest in any number of outdoor living elements that specifically address the needs of serious athletes.

You can start off with a swim in a lap swimming pool. Swimming the full length of the pool and back is an excellent way to tone the body and also condition the breathing and heart rate.

If you feel you do not need a lap swimming pool, but are still interested in water exercise, consider investing in a pool-spa combination with water jets. Water jets allow you to create a controlled, pressurized stream of water that you can swim against like current in a river.

Not only is this great exercise, but it is ideal for many forms of physical therapy. It is often recommended by doctors, as a matter of fact, as a home-based adjunct to outpatient PT.

Don’t forget, either, all the many types of exercise you can get on a home sport court. A sport court is actually many courts combined into one where you can play a variety of single and multi-players games on the same surface. Sport court designs offer play areas for badminton, tennis, basketball, and baseball practice, just to name a few.

You can also improve your golf game in your outdoor living space by having your landscape consultant install putting greens. Greens can give your back yard the look and feel of a real course without the traffic and time spent running back and forth to a public course or country club.

No doubt you like to eat. In fact, you have to eat, so you might as well devote at least some of your outdoor living areas to food preparation.

There are many things you can have added to your landscape ranging from fire pits to outdoor kitchens. Dining areas can be setup on any number of surfaces including terraces, decks, and patios.