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The Beauty of Professional Landscaping

In a survey taken among more than 2,800 U.S. adults (ages 18+) and conducted by Harris Interactive in December 2012 for PLANET, the national trade association of landscape professionals, many serious homeowners were confirmed in what they already knew about professional landscaping. When asked the main reason for maintaining or improving their yard/landscape, homeowners said:

  • showing pride in their home (the primary motivator at 42 percent)
  • creating an outdoor relaxing space (16 percent)
  • raising or protecting their property value (15 percent)

Design and Your Landscaping
You want your landscape design to be noticed, but the house and landscape should not compete with each other. Instead you can communicate luxury in landscaping in different ways—with material choices, softscapes, and personalized details, for example. The goal is for a perfect blend, seamless integration, a design that is lush but appropriate.

To illustrate one example of a design-conscious component, think of the strength of geometric lines, which you can use to create a spine across the space. In this way, the area is divided and it directs movement from one zone to another, as with an expansive driveway that cuts through a swath of green lawn.


Services For After the Design Phase
Maintenance includes regular lawn mowing and trimming, shrub and tree pruning, fertilization, management of pests and diseases, and seeding with winter grass. These services come together to provide a regularly-scheduled landscape maintenance program that protects your investment, preserves the quality of the space, and enhances your enjoyment of a healthy landscape.

The People of Landscaping Firms
When hiring a landscaping firm, look for crews that are the best in the business. They should be well-trained, detail-oriented and experienced. These skills need to be applied to each task, from a straightforward seasonal color change to a complex construction project.

As time goes by, you will profit from this long-term relationship. You’ll see it whenever there’s a smooth construction project in which creativity, problem-solving scheduling, and the use of proven construction standards are all employed. You can also see it in the final analysis: the artistic details, inventive nuances, the personal touch, and ingenuous and innovative solutions.