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Professional Landscape Service

Regardless of whether it is a dramatic modern landscape design orenglish landscaping, a well-planned, well-maintained property says something about the owner. The well thought-out landscape plan and profession landscape service conveys a message about who you are and can make the property stand out among all the others on the street.

Professional Landscape Service: Design
Landscaping has proven itself as a means of increasing your property’s value, both residential and commercial. In creating a memorable landscape, you can benefit from the services of experienced professional landscape designers or landscape architects. A competent landscape professional helps you develop a plan and walks you through the entire design process that includes consultation, program development, analysis of the site, conceptual landscaping design, construction documentation and dealing with permitting issues.

Professional Landscape Service: Residential Maintenance
Once you have invested in a landscape design and installation, it only makes sense to care for it, protect it and make sure it develops as planned. And that’s where a landscape maintenance program comes in.

The key elements of a professional landscape service program for your home include the care of shrubs, ground cover, vines, lawn and flower beds. For example, hedges, shrubs and bushes need to be trimmed regularly to maintain the desired shape. Ground cover and vines should be edged for a neat effect. The lawn needs to be mowed, edged, watered and fed. Flower beds need to be weeded weekly. Also mulch should be turned every two weeks to make sure that the exchange of air and water into the soil flows properly. For optimal growth and bloom cycles for your seasonal flowers, they need to be pruned and fertilized regularly.


Trees, valuable assets all by themselves, need attention, too. Small trees should be trimmed as necessary. It is also a good idea to schedule deep root fertilization on an annual basis. Before you undertake any new construction or remodeling, a tree preservation program should be developed.

Regularly scheduled landscape service ensures that all the plant material is healthy, looks good and conforms to the original design.

Professional Landscape Service: Commercial Maintenance
For commercial properties, the same maintenance duties are required as for residential properties. Additionally, most commercial establishments have landscape lighting since it is such a good way to give the property 24/7 visibility. Landscape lighting creates a memorable and dramatic nighttime effect for the property.

Lighting is a big crime deterrent, making safety one of the most important benefits that landscape lighting delivers. It is particularly invaluable to establishments that conduct business at night, such as hotels, restaurants, social clubs, country clubs, colleges, schools and museums. Regardless of its sophistication, a landscape lighting system needs to be regularly looked after and properly maintained as part of your landscape service.

Irrigation systems are another common feature of commercial properties. The end goals with such systems are money savings, time savings and convenience. Irrigation systems separate the grass, beds and color areas into different zones, each requiring different water amounts due to the different plant types, sunlight conditions and weather. A well-run irrigation system supplies the appropriate amount of water to the right area.

With Houston’s heavy soils, low-lying areas and torrential rains, drainage systems are essential. They protect the property from flooding. They protect the foundation of the building(s) from cracking and uneven shrinkage or swelling. And they properly drain roofs and landscaped areas to avoid standing water that can cause breeding grounds for mosquitoes, slick surfaces or flooded landscaping. A landscape drainage system should be developed, installed and maintained as a whole, therefore it is necessary that all the fixtures work together. This way you are ensured that you’re getting the full benefit of the system.