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Star Fiber Optic

Light Your Pool and Outdoor Buildings with Star Fiber Optic Lighting

Author Jeff HalperStar fiber optic cables are used to decorate floors, ceilings, and swimming pools. In Houston landscaping design, they are most commonly installed in swimming pools. They can also be placed in the ceilings and floors of outdoor buildings. Examples of these could be pavilions, swimming pool houses, and outdoor kitchens.

Star field emulation is one of the more popular designs generated by fiber optic cables. Each cable is a transmitter of light that is different from typical light fixtures. Standard lighting equipment uses a fixture to generate light within a housing of some sort.

Fiber optic lights, however, transmit light produced by a power source that is far removed from where they are installed. Various effects can be created by manipulating each fiber cable, or groups of cables, to create different patterns of luminance and color.


Stars vary in magnitude and color. Some are very bright, while others can barely be seen. There are also clearly discernable groupings of stars in the night sky. Constellations, nebulas, and stars shining out of illuminated clouds of gas (which are really very distant groupings of stars), are all part of what we see when we look out into space.

Star fiber optic effects can be created to emulate all of these effects with precision accuracy. Different colors of stars can be duplicated with the same colors of light that appear in nature.

There are plenty of yellow stars, like our own sun, along with many blue stars, red stars, and blue white stars. Due to the magnitude of a star, and its distance, its actual brightness to a viewer on earth could be very different than a star just a few feet away from it in the sky.

Star fiber optics can be varied in their intensity to emulate these varying degrees of brightness, and the near full spectrum of colors, that outer space offers the earthbound. Also, twinkling effects can be generated by the control mechanism which can make the lights turn on and off in places.

This is a superb way to make a swimming pool appear to reflect the very fabric of the night itself. It is also a sure way to make everyone who swims at night clearly aware of where the deep and shallow ends of the pool are, which in turn makes the pool safer as well as more of an attraction factor adding to your curb appeal.

Keep in mind too that Exterior Worlds can install star fiber optic lights in any number of outdoor buildings. A pool house next to a star pool would naturally look enhanced if its interior were decorated with similar motifs to that of the pool itself. A garden pavilion is another example of an outdoor building that can be turned into a mirror to the night time sky.

Don’t forget, either, that many star fiber optic floors and ceilings are installed by homebuilders inside custom homes with highly decorative kitchen designs. If the star field pattern appeals to you, and if you are interested in decorating your pool in this fashion, consider also what a custom outdoor kitchen would look like to your guests when they step into an outdoor building whose interior rivals the interior of many houses.