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Professional Landscaping Maintenance

An Investment in Brand Positioning

To understand the value of professional landscaping maintenance, we must understand its true nature. Only then can we make an informed decision about the potential returns it offers should we choose to invest in the higher price point it carries. Admittedly, some organizations do not require an exceptional level of ground services to fulfill their objectives. These organizations require only basic mowing and trimming to maintain a well-kept, professional appearance. Other types of businesses, however, require a facility that generates a powerful impact on those around it. This impact must do more than be seen; it must also be felt in a tangible way that produces a change in perception.

In the world of professional landscaping maintenance, attraction factor is not determined by a pleasant appearance alone. There are many pretty things in the world that generate sentimental feelings within people who notice them briefly before moving on to something else. We are not talking about that type of pretty. While beauty is an indispensible component of a well-designed landscape, it has insufficient power in and of itself to generate the type of appeal that draws people in with what feels like a near irresistible force. To generate that type of attraction factor, you need another type of aesthetic. You need a phenomenon known as the sublime.

By nature, the sublime is any phenomenon that stops the inner dialogue of the observer and rivets the attention on the object observed. Ordinary landscapes do not create this type of impact. It takes more than a colorful flowerbed, a neatly trimmed hedgerow, and a freshly mowed lawn to grab the attention of today’s customer. The lives of consumers are now filled with so many activities, and even more distractions, that you literally have to freeze their attention and pull it toward you with a tangible, magnetic appeal.


If this is your intention, then an investment in professional landscaping maintenance is something you will eventually have to make in order to achieve the outcome you desire. The location that you have worked very hard to procure for your business must be reinforced with a statement of power that generates an immediate sense of distinction around your brand. This is not as esoteric as it sounds at face value. Real world examples, in fact, reveal it to be the exact opposite—the epitome of realism.

For instance, if you are operating one of Houston’s premier restaurants, you do not want to look like an average eatery to passing motorists. If you are operating a five-star hotel, you do not want to look like any number of discount lodgings that seem to litter entire sections of our freeways. If you are managing an upscale shopping center, you want to look like more than a collection of “stores.” If you are running an architectural firm, you want your building to look like more than an average building.

Professional landscaping maitenance will give your building that sublime advantage you require to position yourself in the upper echelon of your particular market sector. We make no effort to hide the fact that we want our clients to be preeminent in comparison to others. In fact, it is intrinsic to our mission statement to make our clients stand out from among their peers. We could be here all day itemizing the specifics of how we do this. However, we would not be true to our own form if we attempted to over explain ourselves in words without actually showing you what we mean.

In order to do properly demonstrate how professional landscaping maintenance can empower your organization’s presence in the community, we invite you to examine our Portfolio at this time. These case histories provide detailed accounts of past landscaping design projects. While these projects were implemented in the residential arena, the procedures, elements, and forms are the same as those used in commercial landscaping. Only the totality of the designs vary between these two disciplines—not the essential elements.

Professional landscaping maintenance follows the same set of principles that focus design toward architecture and magnify the power of structure in order to create a true unification of the sublime with the beautiful.