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Commercial Ground Maintenance

As a commercial property manager or owner, you want to find a commercial ground maintenance company who will partner with you in reaching your long and short term goals. With your everyday priorities of meeting the demands and needs of tenants, ensuring property security and managing budgets, time management is critical. Therefore, it will make your job easier to work with a provider who honors your time by fulfilling their commitments with little supervision.

A high quality commercial ground maintenance program provides four key advantages:

  • Protects your financial investment
  • Presents a pleasing image to your customers or your tenants and their customers
  • Retains tenants by providing beautiful grounds for them to enjoy
  • Helps conserve and augment your property value

The basic principles of a commercial maintenance program include:

Lawn maintenance services. One of the foundational features of a commercial landscape maintenance program, turf maintenance is more than just cutting the grass. It involves edging, feeding and treating, all activities undertaken to promote healthy growth. And it also includes thorough cleanup so that your tenants can quickly go back to enjoying the grounds once the crew finishes.

Tree preservation and care. A top notch commercial maintenance company takes care of trees, valuable attributes of your property. Trees need to be inspected regularly for any insect infestations. Insects, such as pine bark beetles and boring insects, can kill trees, especially when Houston’s weather turns hot or if the trees are stressed due to construction. Houston summers can be very hard on trees, so deep root fertilization is important as it promotes healthy trees. Regular aeration also encourages root growth.

Trimming ground covers, bushes and hedges. As part of a thorough commercial ground maintenance program, smaller plants and ground cover should be trimmed regularly to the preferred contours. The intention is to ensure that all elements conform to the original plan for the landscape design.

Irrigation system inspection. It is critical to have irrigation systems working smoothly. Otherwise it can be very costly. Proper maintenance minimizes the chance of large amounts water pouring out of broken lines and heads and has resulted in savings of as much as $5,000 to $10,000 per month for commercial properties.

Chemical treatments. Herbicide and insecticide treatments are also critical to overall plant health. Continual observation and diagnosis of plant pests and diseases provide an important step in a complete and proactive commercial ground maintenance program.

Fertilizations. Commercial maintenance providers should have a methodical feeding program that ensures the health of acidic, tropical and seasonal color plants. Think of it as a form of insurance for your plants. The feeding program may also include spring and fall aeration of grassy areas, along with the application of fall rye grass.

Seasonal plantings. Regular color change outs are an important part of presenting a positive image for your commercial property. You will want to work with a commercial landscape maintenance company whose expert knowledge of plant material, color, and texture creates memorable garden designs. Mulch installation and mulch maintenance helps the soil retain moisture and prevents erosion.

Whether you are working to improve your landscape’s cost management, have a new property, or want to ramp up an underperforming one, call Exterior Worlds at 713-827-2255 to discuss your landscaping needs.