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Commercial Landscape Maintenance Agreements

An investment in commercial landscape maintenance helps a business keep its best foot forward to the surrounding community. It also helps provide employees and visitors with a safer site that is free from clutter, standing water, and dangerous pockets of shadow during nighttime hours. A custom maintenance agreement can be arranged with Exterior Worlds that will include services for both softscape elements and hardscape elements. Special arrangements can also be made to ensure that landscape lighting, which is vital to security, is kept in optimal working order throughout the year.

While every agreement is customized to the site to some extent, all agreements we offer place a very heavy emphasis on the upkeep of the grounds. Lawns are given particular attention because they are typically the most noticeable outdoor elements surrounding a commercial building. It is imperative that these lawns are well irrigated so that patches of grass do not die off during times of drought. It is also important to keep them neatly mowed at regular intervals. Additionally, commercial landscape maintenance agreements often include turf services that lay out new sections of lawn to replace dead grass. Fertilization is implemented at the beginning of each season, with additional soil amendments being performed in late February or early March. Services such as lawn aeration and chemical treatments are typically done before the spring growing season to give grass the best opportunity to flourish as the weather begins to warm in early spring.


Irrigation and drainage systems are also attended to at this time. Irrigation systems have to be checked thoroughly prior to the spring growing season to ensure the system is still in proper working order. Sprinklers and drip irrigation systems will also have to be adjusted for water output levels appropriate to seasonal rains that intermittently come to our city in spring. Commercial landscape maintenance also address the repair, upgrade, or even new construction of commercial drainage systems so as to ensure that water is quickly moved away from all buildings, transit areas, courtyards, and parking areas. Drains have to be thoroughly checked as well. Standing water is a safety hazard and a corporate liability that cannot be allowed to accumulate anywhere on a commercial site. Exterior Worlds distinguishes itself in this arena by developing concealed drainage systems that perform their functions behind the scenes without visibly impacting the aesthetic of the environment.

Shrubs and trees are also attended to on a regular basis under commercial landscape maintenance agreements. These elements contribute much needed vertical impact, coloration, and organic vitality to commercial properties and must be kept healthy, neat, and trimmed at all times. Every spring, trees need thorough deep root fertilization to ensure their vitality for the coming growing season. This not only helps trees and shrubs grow more quickly, but it also helps them better resist pests and various plant diseases. Hedges, decorative plantings of shrubs, and trees should be pruned appropriately at regular intervals under pre-arranged terms of agreement. If any new construction is implemented onsite, agreements include special tree preservation procedures designed to protect trees from potential harm.

Commercial landscape maintenance agreements are particularly well-suited to those Houston businesses that want to create an exceptional environment for clients, customers, guests, and employees. Establishments such as high-end retail shopping centers, hotels, high-rise communities, and distinguished restaurants can especially benefit from maintenance plans that are individually tailored to the specifics of their commercial landscaping design.