Patio Designs for Two Create Private Romantic Retreats

The morning garden patio design is highly popular with couples who work very full schedules and need a special place to start of the day together. Sometimes this moment may only last for five or ten minutes as the two of you visit, read the paper, or enjoy coffee together.

Sitting in the midst of the morning garden, you can feel close to your spouse that you may not get to spend nearly as much time with as your current lifestyle allows. The idyllic setting of trees, garden design, custom fountain work, will start your day in a better world than the one you have to stress in to make money.

Sitting perched on top of your custom patio, you begin your morning with a sense of feeling uplifted. And, even better, you feel lifted up together.

Another patio design that will add special romance to your evenings and weekends is an exterior fireplace. Many people think exterior fireplaces have to be these ornate, expensive architectural structures, but they do not. A simple patio for two can be used to house an external fireplace unit that runs off gas or electricity.


You can also have your landscape designer build a very small exterior fireplace into the masonry walls of the patio itself.

Adding a patio to your front yard is something you may never have considered, but actually, this is one of the best places for patio design. Sitting on a front yard patio gives you a better vantage point of your street than a traditional front porch allows. You also may not even have a front porch, which gives you even more incentive to build a special seating area in the front of your house.

You do not need to have a huge front yard to have a patio designed for two. If it is designed only for you as a couple, then all your landscape consultant really needs to build you is a cozy seating spot underneath your favorite tree. Maybe they can also build a custom garden, or a simple circular flower bed around its base, to give it life and definition.

Think less is more when you visualize a front yard patio design. Something austere, beautiful, and convivial is all you need to enjoy one another’s company and wave to your neighbors as they walk by your yard in the evening.

This patio design is also somewhat sneaky in its social dynamic. Your neighbors will no doubt want to stop and chat with you, but they will have to stand beneath the patio which is only built for two. The accessibility of the patio makes them feel welcome, but the lack of extra seating politely moves them along before they burn all of your daylight into the western horizon.

Still another element that can add to your home is a custom side patio connected to a den or master bedroom door. This is usually done in smaller parts of your yard whose asymmetrical dimensions make it difficult to implement traditional landscaping elements. Either you leave that space empty and awkwardly untouched, or you have your landscape developer do something unique with it.

By building a patio design that functions as a virtual extension of indoor floor space, your landscape designer can transform any space between your house and garage, or between one corner of your house and the fence, into a private outdoor reading room. The geometry of the patio can be linear, quadrilateral, or radial, depending on the architecture of your home.

This will expand the aesthetic of your home into what was previously an unattractive and fallow part of the landscape will certainly add curb appeal to your property as well as to the special moments it creates for the two of you.