Flagstone Patios

Houston home. By enlarging your living space, patios make the house feel bigger and unite the interior and exterior spaces. Patios give us an opportunity to enjoy the out-of-doors, especially when they are dressed up as an outdoor room.

And nothing enhances the look of a patio better than flagstone. A flagstone patio denotes hardiness, security, wherewithal and permanence. With its bluish coloring, flagstone also conveys a cool beauty, particularly welcoming during our hot summer months. A flagstone patio sends a powerful visual message.

Flagstone Patio: What is Flagstone?
In geological terms, flagstone belongs in the sandstone family. It is hard and relatively thin, making it a rugged, ready-made flooring choice. It comes in irregular shapes thus adding texture and interest to whatever space it covers. In fact, the laying of flagstone has been likened to putting together a puzzle.


Its fine-grained surface contains flakes and specks of mica, which makes it glitter and glimmer when the light catches it just right. Sometimes called bluestone or freestone, flagstone also works well for a retaining wall, built-in seating and planters.

Flagstone Patio: The Design Process
Since the patio functions as a transition space between your home and your landscaping, it plays a critical role in your garden landscape. A patio gives you an opportunity to display a personal touch and show off your own aesthetic. It also provides your family and friends with an interesting view out the windows of your home.

Your patio design can range from an airy arbor to an elegant and well-stocked summer kitchen, from the classical balance of a formal landscape design to the overflowing abundance of an English garden design. In making your design choices, remember to choose designs and materials that complement the architecture of your house. You also want the designs to reflect your personality, so that you can get maximum enjoyment from this personal and private space.

Patios are a type of hardscapes, the subset of landscaping categories that describe the non-plant material in your landscape’s design. Thus your material choices within that entire group need to be coordinated. Because of its durability and neutral palette, flagstone is a go-to choice for many hardscapes.

Flagstone Patio: Other Landscape Elements
A flagstone patio is a perfect setting for an outdoor water fountain as the water element breaks up the sea of stone and creates a focal point. This, or any other, focal point will draw the eye to it and will be the highlight of your patio. Flagstone also creates a pleasing backdrop for pots and planters in varying height, shapes and sizes that are filled with greenery.

Garden pathways lead your guests from the patio to the rest of the landscape, thus finishing off the patio design. Paths create interest and direct the eye across the green expanse of a yard. Flagstone is especially suited as a material choice for pathways.

Since flagstone is an impermeable surface, you will want to be mindful of your yard drainage. Consulting qualified drainage contractors is your best bet. Another professional to hire is a landscape designer or landscape architect who can capture your very best hopes and wishes for the space in a completely functional way.

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