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Outdoor Water Fountains

Outdoor water fountains are integral components of a wide range of Houston landscaping plans. Everything from classical design to contemporary landscapes can be enhanced by the unique vertical impact they add to the landscape. Water’s unique reflective and refractive qualities, combined with its dynamic fluidity, add a feeling of vitality that makes the entire yard come to life.

Exterior Worlds builds custom outdoor water fountains. We never install anything remanufactured, generic, or retail. Custom fountains are made from similar materials to those used to build the house and surrounding hardscapes. This size and geometry of the fountain are designed in careful proportions so the fountain works in relationship with surrounding landscape elements.

Custom built outdoor fountains also perform better than prefabricated models. A fountain built by Exterior Worlds will operate silently, so that all you hear is the sound of the water. The flow of water is also more controlled. The all too common problem of overspray is eliminated with an efficient water delivery system that places the water at an exact, desired height and recirculates it back into the system without wasteful spillage.

Outdoor water fountains can be standalone structures that reside on a base located in a favored zone of interest. The movement of the water leaping above the surroundings is an instant eye catcher that immediately rivets the attention of the viewer. Under any lighting conditions, some of the light is going to be reflected back to the viewer, and many times prismatic rainbow effects will also appear in the water.

For homeowners who wish to move guests into specific areas for planned events, such a landscape element is an invaluable tool in crowd direction. People do not have to be asked to move to a certain spot when the movement of water itself draws them unconsciously to the desired location.


Dinner parties, cocktail parties, birthday parties, holiday events, and wedding celebrations often begin and center on an outdoor water fountain that works to set both the mood and the pace of the event.

In larger yards it is almost mandatory that we create such zones of interest due to the size of the property. A yard that is too large can overwhelm the senses. When this happens, people tend to congregate in the areas closest to the home. They hesitate to venture into the rest of what appears to be a vast expanse because it looks to empty to offer the basic human comforts they are accustomed to.

An outdoor water fountain can change all of this. When it is deliberately placed in the center of a garden, a walled patio courtyard, or an outdoor room, it invites people to venture into a separate living space that looks attractive and comforting. Dividing a large yard into sections like this allows a homeowner to plan hours of entertaining activities that move groups of people from one zone of interest to another throughout the evening.

Things never get boring in such a setting, and the entertainment possibilities are truly endless.

Other types of outdoor fountains exist as features of larger elements. A well-known example is the wall fountain, which is basically a custom fountain that is built into the side wall of a home or the masonry walls of a courtyard. This is often done to create a central focal point in an enclosed space that everyone can gather around in a seated position.

The illuminated structure of the fountain, combined with special aquatic lighting effects, creates a center point in places like walled courtyards and entry gardens where people would otherwise be facing the sheer face of an empty wall.

Still other outdoor water fountains are built into swimming pools and garden ponds. The larger swimming pools that are built in multiple levels often feature a fountain at the top level that creates a cascade of water than rushes down to the lower levels. Smaller garden ponds that would otherwise be hidden by surrounding plants can be brought to the forefront of the scene with a fountain that centers the entire scene in a graceful dance of illuminated water and mist.