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Outdoor Structures for Houston Landscaping Plans

The quality of outdoor life keeps going up in Houston. Landscaping plans feature increasingly complex designs that support the full range of lifestyle choices that the homeowner traditionally has only had inside the home. As a result, outdoor structures are becoming increasingly sophisticated in order to allow the homeowner to live a luxury lifestyle almost completely outdoors.

Houston landscaping plans feature a blend of hardscapes, softscapes, and landscape architecture that create luxury backyard environments. It is important to understand that none of these elements work independently of one another.

While each building, outdoor room, and special facility we create has its own unique architecture, function, and aesthetic, it can by no means be constructed as a solely standalone element. Instead, it works to upgrade the living experience of an entire zone of interest within which it is built.

Examples of such interest zones include pool areas and garden areas. Both of these represents a zone of interest that is foundational to almost every Houston landscaping design plan. Enhancing each of these areas with an outdoor structure adds opulence to design and increases curb appeal throughout the entirety of the property.

Swimming pools are the one zone of interest where much of this new trend is developing. Traditionally installed as a highly customized water feature with a patio that supported a variety of activities, the new pool designs are including swimming pool houses. These buildings are a far cry from the old changing rooms that were little more than poolside shacks.

Instead, these outdoor structures are built more like guest homes that overlook the swimming pool patio. They have bedrooms, changing rooms, living areas, bathrooms, kitchens, and even climate controls.

Not every homeowner opts to have a pool house built near the patio, however. Some prefer to have our Houston landscaping designers construct a covered outdoor kitchen in an adjacent zone that allows a good view of the water, the seating area, and the house in the background. These rooms can be some of the most sophisticated luxury living environments imaginable.


Kitchens in these outdoor structures are equal in design and function to indoor custom home kitchens. Additionally, there is typically a living/dining room area where people can relax on fine furniture, and where they can gather around a table just like they do indoors. Many outdoor summer kitchens also have connecting covered patios with additional tables and chairs to accommodate large parties.

Garden design is another major Houston landscaping element that can be significantly magnified with the right types of landscape architecture. While a garden consists of natural plant life, its geometric arrangement is completely manmade. Outdoor structures can be created that correspond to the aesthetics of the garden in such a manner as to create functional space that captures the feeling of the garden itself.

Popular forms range from garden pavilions capable of hosting large events, to smaller pergolas and gazebos geared more toward intimate gatherings. Basic lighting controls, heating and cooling, and essential amenities are now built into almost all of these outdoor rooms as key components of a luxury Houston landscaping design.