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How a Wood Pergola Adds Drama and Interest to Natural Ponds

A wood pergola is a simple, yet very elegant structure. Constructed of all-natural materials, it will compliment any pond or garden with drama and interest.

One example of this is the way it can add vertical impact to a pond that lacks natural tree growth around it. On the flat Houston landscape, a body of water looks near lifeless if it does not have elevated forms surrounding it. While your yard may not have the magnificent trees that you see around ponds in the forest, you can nonetheless create magnificent form around your pond with a pergola built to cover it in filtered sunlight that brings out the sparkle in the water without overheating the fish.

Here, you can relax by the edge of the water even in the heat of the day. Nothing more than simple fans attached to the structure’s columns are all that will be necessary to give you a good cool a breeze that nature may have chosen not to provide that day.

If you have a large formal garden, we can build a wood pergola over the central focal point. This will make any statue, rotunda, or custom flower bed look immediately majestic. Such focal points are typically illuminated by landscape lighting and enjoyed mostly at night due to the heat of the Texas sun during the day. However, with the dappled light and shadow created by the rafters, latticework, and climbing plants, the central courtyard of any garden is immediately transformed into a comfortable outdoor room.


If your home and backyard are small, your curb appeal will instantly rise with a simple wood pergola to compliment the simple beauty of your home. The columns and rafters add the elegant beauty of rising symmetry to the open lawn. This is an excellent place to actually plant a garden beneath the structure itself. Even if you want a mostly shaded place to sit, there are plenty of shade resistant plants, and even flowers, that can surround you with color and greenery beneath the rafters of your custom backyard shelter.

A wood pergola can also be used to connect several different gardens that surround the home. Many people like to sit just outside on their home on a custom patio. Adding a pergola shelter that links all the gardens to the central seating area creates a feeling that is similar to that of a garden courtyard. However, you get a much more expanded feeling here than you were if you were surrounded by walls. The columns and overhead rafter give you just enough enclosure, but not to much. You can still take in all of the landscape and experienced a gentler version of the Texas sun filtering down through the ivy leaves.

You can also have us build a wood pergola as a very unique type of custom garden. This structure has lattice walls that curve into an overhead arch. When you train climbing, flowering plants to grow throughout the entirety of the lattice, the walls and arched roof become your garden. It takes time for the full beauty of the structure to emerge because the plant life has to mature. However, when it does begin to bloom, the entire structure becomes a world of color inside and out, with light streaming down onto the interior walkway.

The best place to have a wood pergola like this constructed is between two points of interest in your yard. You may want to bring the front entrance of your summer kitchen to the edge of your pool patio. When you pass through this tunnel of color and light, your destination looks strangely sublime in the portal of flowering and greenery.

If you are one of those people who wants to accent manmade structures with a rich organic presence, this is one of the best ways to do it.