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Garden Pavilion

A garden pavilion is an outdoor room that has open sides, or open windows, that occupies a key location inside a garden. It functions as a shaded gathering place for a variety of personal activities that can include reading, sleeping, studying, or morning tea. Many Houston landscaping clients also find these outdoor rooms particularly suitable for birthday parties, anniversary gatherings, family reunions, wedding rehearsals, and outdoor weddings.

Locations for these structures vary according to garden design. In many Houston landscaping plans, we build them in the center of the softscape. This makes it a focal point that can be connected to the home by a walkway. In others, it is better constructed in one corner of the garden to create a sense of retreat, seclusion, and serenity.

Garden pavilions feature a broad range of architectural styles designed to support the aesthetic of the home they compliment. Two design features, however, are common to all. The more popular design is open to the air, with only beams holding up the roof. This allows a full breeze to blow through the living area. Fans in the ceiling can provide even more climate control in the summer.

A modified version of this design requires building windows into the walls. These windows can be opened during the summer months, and they can be closed during the winter. A heater in the garden pavilion can make it a fully functional outdoor building even during the coldest months of the year.

This may be something to seriously consider. It is typical for our team to accent the building exterior with a variety of plant species. Evergreen bushes, ground covers, and perennial flowers are planted to grow to the height of the pavilion floor. Mixing perennials that bloom during different seasons will keep the building exterior colorful year round.

Special lighting fixtures are also added to distinguish the form at night. Up lights are positioned around the base of the garden pavilion that highlight architecture and surrounding vegetation. Roof lights may also be used if they are appropriate to that particular style of architecture. Within the interior, lights are placed in the living areas so that they illuminate the structure from within. These can range from lamps on tables to chandeliers that hang over dining table areas.


As more sophisticated forms of landscape architecture become increasingly common elements to Houston landscaping plans, building interiors have to become more complex as well. No longer are they simply places to put a few lawn chairs out for drinks and conversation. Outdoor rooms are becoming more like indoor rooms with each passing year.

Buildings such as outdoor kitchens, garden pavilions, and swimming pool houses are more oriented to the luxury lifestyle than ever before. Inside you will find couches, chairs, and dining areas. Clean floors are a must, because so many of the events held in these buildings are formal events. Kitchen areas can include shelves, cabinets, refrigerators, and wet bars that allow basic food and drink service during social events.