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Outdoor Sports Court

An outdoor Sport Court® game court may just be what you and your family need to get you outside and active. There is more to Houston outdoor living than just sitting in the shade or reclining by the pool. Getting exercise can only do you good, and people who come to visit you may actually the opportunity to mix entertainment with friendly competition.

Having a gaming area is also an ideal way to provide children with supervised, age appropriate entertainment if the adults plan to throw a party where there is alcohol involved.

There are many types of outdoor sports courts®. The most popular are multi-game Courts. They combine various features of volleyball, tennis, badminton, and basketball. One court can be customized with various goals and boundaries for different games, and basketball goals can be built on the ends to allow for either full-game play, one on one, or practice shooting.


People can also request to have a court built only for a specific game, such as tennis or basketball, if they prefer.

Safety features are also part of court construction. Fencing is placed around the gaming area to prevent lose balls from bouncing into gardens or neighboring yards. This also prevents children from being temped from running down a ball and possibly getting hurt.

Unlike public ball courts, outdoor sport courts® do not have playing surfaces made of asphalt or concrete. This would be too hard on the feet and ankles. Instead, a special, shock-resistant material made of modular flooring is used instead. This material raises the players off of the hard concrete and has a slight, springy feel to it when you run and walk on it. It also provides excellent bounce for the ball in play.

While this material may be softer than concrete, it is by no means weak. It is weather and rain-resistant, and one of the most low maintenance materials you can invest in. It can handle heavy wheeled toys, bikes and hockey pucks. Your Sport Court® game court will not need resurfacing for many years.

Game courts can even be designed exclusively for children. Many parents are concerned about their children hanging out in all sorts of places after school. They find that private game courts create an attraction factor just outside the kitchen or living room window—where kids can enjoy themselves under watchful supervision.

If you think that your yard is too small to accommodate an outdoor sports court®, think again. Dimensions can easily be customized to fit a particular portion of even the most modest yards on the Houston landscape. Many of the smaller yards in West University and Bellaire have netted courts that are only one-quarter the size of standard tennis courts—but just as effective for full-game play.

Sports lighting should be installed by your professional landscaper. It is not a good idea to go out and buy your own fixtures, nor is it good to purchase equipment from the cheapest electrical contractor. It is better to let your landscapers bring in partner lighting companies with access to the very best equipment made in the USA.

Because every outdoor sport court® is a custom facility, it can be designed within the parameters of your budget. Multiple options are always provided to clients that help determine the cost of the court. It is also very cost effective to maintain. Cleaning your gaming area is as simple as hosing it down.

You can also visit the national manufacture at www.sportcourt.com or Texas supplier at www.sportcourt-texas.com.

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