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Maintenance Contracts

Exterior Worlds, in business since 1987, offers residential landscape maintenance, as well as commercial landscape maintenance, to properties in the greater Houston area. Our basic maintenance contracts entail regularly scheduled visits, in increments of 42 or 52 weeks per year (weather permitting), in which your landscape is tended to with immaculate attention to detail.

The Purpose of Maintenance Contracts
A regular, well-thought-out landscape maintenance plan is the best way to protect your outdoor investment. A beautiful yard says something about the owners. Whether subtle or dramatic, a well-kept, well-loved landscape sends a special message. Just as important—from the street, a lovely landscape can make a house stand out, which is important when it comes time to sell your home.

After spending a lot of money on your landscape design and installation, it only makes sense to protect it and make sure it develops as planned. And that’s where a landscape maintenance program comes in.


What Exterior Worlds Basic Maintenance Contracts Cover

  • Lawn Maintenance. The lawn areas are mowed and edged. Diseases are identified and the owner is presented with an estimate for treatment. All debris caused by maintenance is removed.
  • Shrub, Ground Cover and Vine Maintenance. Hedges, shrubs and ground covers are pruned to conform to the intent of the landscape design. Vines are trimmed and trailed to maintain desired appearance. Bed edges are trimmed to maintain neat appearance. All debris will be removed with each service.
  • Tree Maintenance. Small trees are trimmed as necessary. For taller trees, an estimate will be provided as work is needed. Fallen leaves and limbs will be removed regularly. Trees are also inspected for disease and insect infestations.
  • Flower Bed Maintenance. Beds are weeded as necessary. Mulch will be turned regularly. Rose maintenance and annual flowers are also tended to. Roses are dead-headed and fertilized every six weeks during the growing season. They are also treated for fungus every week during the growing season. Annual flowers are dead-headed and fertilized as well.
  • Seasonal Color Maintenance. Seasonal flowers will be fertilized and pruned for optimal growth and color. A separate estimate will be submitted for seasonal change-outs, depending on your preferences.
  • Surface maintenance. All surfaces will be cleared of debris during each service call. Additionally, the surfaces of any pools, ponds or fountains will be skimmed to collect accumulated debris.
  • Fertilization Program. Lawn areas are fertilized four times a year. Azaleas and gardenias will be fertilized in April or May—and acidified in February. Shrubs, ground covers and vines are fertilized quarterly. Fungicides and insecticides are applied two to four times per year. Exterior Worlds is licensed and regulated under the Texas Structural Pest Control Board, License # 12015. For your information: Texas Structural Pest Control Board, P.O. Box 1927, Austin, TX 78767-1927. 512-305-8250.

Contact us at 713-827-2255 to discuss your landscape maintenance needs. Checks, American Express, Master Card and Visa accepted.

In addition to landscape maintenance contracts, Exterior Worlds provides high-end residential landscape design services and landscaping ideas, including a design for low maintenance, for Houston and the surrounding areas, including Bellaire, West University, River Oaks and the Memorial Villages of Piney Point Village, Bunker Hill Village and Hunter Creek Village.