Let Exterior Worlds Help You Develop Your Front Garden Ideas

When people look at your house, they see a focal point for an entire property that represents a lifestyle. Because of this, it is very important to invest in front garden ideas that represent the very best aspects of your property. The do it yourself approach leaves too much margin for making an error that can diminish your home’s value in an unstable marketplace.

It is much better to first come up with an idea, then let one of our professionals help you develop it into a robust expression of personal taste that is proportional to your home, balanced and controlled in plant growth, and sustainable throughout the year.

Take a hard look at your driveway and honestly determine if it truly blends with the rest of your landscape.
If the lawn runs right up to the driveway edge, we will need a front garden idea that works to blend the hardscape into the yard’s vegetation. Options include hedgerows, linear runs of flowers, and even small trees that create mini organic walls.

If you have an unsightly city sidewalk in front of your home, plan something beautiful to distract attention away from it.
Most sidewalks in Houston are uneven and broken. While you may be unable to do anything about the condition of the sidewalk itself, you can draw attention away from it by creating a new organic boundary within the yard’s interior.

One front garden idea for decorating a sidewalk is to combine radial movements with linear progression. In places, vegetation is thicker and curves inward toward the house like rolling waves. This works very well in small yards to help direct attention away from the sidewalk and point the eye of the viewer toward the trees and the façade of the home.

As far as trees go, think beyond planting generic, circular flower beds around their trunks.
Instead, look at the relationships between the trees and have your garden built to support these relationships. Two trees growing very close together, for example, can be connected by a single custom garden that consists of shade resistant species that replace dead patches of lawn grass with new patterns of greenery.

If you have a front walkway leading up to your door, look through pictures of similar walkways to come up with front garden ideas on how to enhance your own.
You may only want low-growth hedges here that border the concrete with a disciplined, linear progression of dark green. On the other hand, your personal tastes may range toward the more colorful. In this case, let us guide you in choosing the very best plants to use in breaking up the greenery. You do not want to limit yourself to seasonal blooms, but rather have colors that will last throughout the year.

Take a good look at your home and write down two or three things you really like about its architecture.
You really do not have to do anything beyond this at this phase in planning your front garden ideas. Our team will use this list to create all manner of designs that support your home’s most striking architectural motifs. We will survey your lot and pinpoint the best locations where the geometry of these gardens will mirror your most beloved elements of your residence.