Designer Gardens

The first thing to acknowledge about designer gardens is that “garden” is a noun and a verb. It seems that double usage was intentional since a garden is a place of action. Life happens here and humans, since time immemorial, have appreciated this intertwined idea, the ideal of it. A garden is life in motion, a process, a becoming.

With its beauty, a designer garden engages the senses. These gardens call forth both emotional and aesthetic responses. The mystery of fragrance from a blooming sage bush. The slant light from the setting sun as it falls on a willow tree. The joyous noise of songbirds. The will to live as seen in an emerging amaryllis bulb.

Designer gardens are hard to define because each garden takes on the unique personality of the gardener. Plants, arrayed thoughtfully and fully or austerely as mere accessories, reflect that person’s sensibilities. In the same manner, the relationship between the different spaces within the design of the landscape makes a statement.
Working in conjunction with landscape designers and landscape architects, you can create the paradise of your dreams. Lifestyle items to consider:

Hard-working infrastructure. Irrigation and landscape drainage systems are fairly essential to a Houston landscape design. Our climate is infamous for its ability to go from not enough water to too much water in the space of 24 hours.

Retaining walls also help with any drainage or erosion issues. An expert landscape designer will plan so that it blends seamlessly into your overall scheme. Residential landscape lighting is another feature to plan for. It gives you the ability to enjoy your environs around the clock, while also providing security and safety.

Hardscapes that enhance the softscapes. Big ticket items include luxury pools, covered outdoor kitchens and outdoor lounges. These entertainment zones can be customized to fit your specific needs, whether you do business entertaining, host family gatherings or serve as a hangout for your teenage children.

Other hardscapes include wrought iron fences and wrought iron garden gates. Wrought iron, also known as ornamental iron, has a long and storied history within landscape design. The bottom line is that it looks good on about any property, and has for centuries.

Other elements to add to your landscape architecture. Water elements, such as a waterfall landscape design, a contemporary water fountain or a large water fountains add visual and auditory gratification to your garden. Garden features, such as an outdoor gazebo, a wrought iron arbor, or antique ornamental iron element, provide interest and variety.

One last item to further your enjoyment of your designer garden: consider a turn-key landscape maintenance contract with a Houston landscape service company. An experienced and reputable company can take care of the work, from the mundane to the complex, using best practices. It frees up your time and diminishes any sense of obligation.

Because, ultimately, gardens are about letting go of the responsibilities and pressures of the outside world. Their appeal is universal and ancient: gardens have a natural ability to calm us. They help us see our place in the world.

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