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Landscape Remodeling Contractors Houston

Houstonians often invest in homes with the intention of remodeling them. They want to personalize their residence and their landscape into a reflection of their individual tastes, values, and lifestyle. Many remodeling contractors throughout Houston offer a wide range of services to this end. A significant majority focus on remodeling home interiors and expanding the square footage of the house. A few, however, like Exterior Worlds, offer landscape remodeling services that involve redeveloping landforms, gardens, and outdoor structures in front and back yards. These contractors specialize in creating outdoor living environments that compliment home architecture, extend comfort and amenity into exterior space, and completes the process of personalization throughout the entirety of the landscape.

When Exterior Worlds is called to a home to plan a remodeling project, we invariably find that most Houstonians already own an existing swimming pool. These pools have been previously installed by contractors specializing exclusively in pool design and construction. Our experience has shown us that practically all of these Houston pool companies have impressive knowledge and skills in designing a pool that functions reliably and appears aesthetically pleasing as a form in and of itself. At the same time, though, we often notice that swimming pool contractors, because they specialists in their industry alone have little working knowledge of architecture or landscaping. We consistently find that it is much better for the homeowner if a landscape designer either designs or remodels the swimming pool to a proportionate scale and with a geometric design that is congruent to the appearance and dimensions of the home and complimentary to the exterior forms of the surrounding landscape. Once this design is completed as part of the landscaper’s master plan, the pool contractor can then working with the specifications that are handed down by the landscape architect, applying his expertise in the interests of creating a win-win outcome for all parties involved.


Upon completion of remodeling the pool, sub-contractors are then commissioned in by Exterior Worlds to redesign the surrounding patio and to make additions, repairs, and improvements to hardscape structures throughout the yard. There are very few custom swimming pools that are installed without some sort of custom or luxury patio that provides seating and lounging space of residents and guests. While the practicality of a patio is very important, remodeling contractors must also be mindful of maintaining the aesthetics of the patio so that it extends harmoniously into the landscape. Hardscape contractors are also brought in to lay down special forms of concrete, flagstone, or limestone on various properties, creating structures and forms that better support the overall concept of landscape design and entertainment requirements of the homeowner.

Remodeling a pool patio helps our team of contractors establish a foundational theme that can be extended at will into other areas of hardscape design. For example, many of the larger homes in Houston typically have two or more patios in addition to the one that surrounds the pool. Such custom patios can be constructed from any number of materials, built to any scale, and can be designed for a variety of purposes ranging from quiet contemplation by a fountain to hosting large groups of people that congregate around key areas of interests throughout the yard. Homes on large estates in exclusive Houston neighborhoods such as Memorial or River Oaks, may want to create a sense of private seclusion by commission our team of contractors to build custom walls around portions of their yards, patios, and custom driveways and parking areas. Such walls can be as ornamental and decorative as they are functional and practical, and they can be integrated into custom garden design and landscape lighting themes to create space within space that contributes a sense of quiet mystique and makes a yard appear even larger than it actually is.

Landscape remodeling contractors also strive to improve and rebuild existing outdoor structures that are in front and back yards. Many of these structures, such as custom fountains and wall fountains, are purely decorative in nature. Others are built to accommodate specific activities or events. Arbors provide seating arrangements underneath the trees. Outdoor kitchens extend the convenience of the indoor custom kitchens into outdoor space. Outdoor fireplaces bring warmth to winter nights and emulate true fire with special interior lights the summer. Even if these structures already exist on a property, they may not have been built to proper scale by previous contractors. It is very important to make certain that the architectural and geometric elements of these structures strike a balance between the aesthetic of the home and surrounding outdoor structures and compliment the organic elements of the landscape as well.