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Landscape Installation

Exterior Worlds takes a design-build approach to landscape installation.
Basic concepts, based upon the desires of clients, are streamlined into workable forms that will ultimately create an outdoor environment that compliments the home. An advanced Houston landscaping design emerges out of this body of forms that functions as the blueprint for the installation of both manmade elements and carefully selected plant life. Experts who work on our staff coordinate a turnkey installation of these elements with coordinated assistance from subcontracted experts who work in alliance with our team under our invoice.

Our design-build process begins with an in-depth client consultation. Before we do anything, we sit down and listen to our clients share their personal feelings, sensibilities, and desires. We encourage them to show us their favorite pictures of gardens, pools, patios, and outdoor kitchens. These pictures serve as windows into the lifestyles of our clients and better help our team develop forms that uniquely embody their individual personalities.

We then conduct a detailed analysis of the home, followed by a systematic topographical analysis of the property. The aesthetic success of landscape installation ultimately depends on how well each element we create supports the central figure of the home. As an outdoor living environment, each Houston landscaping design must appear in harmony with what they home represents. Proper drainage of the yard will also be necessary to preserve the structures and softscapes we build. This will require our team to subcontract land grading specialists that will slope the land in visibly imperceptible, but nonetheless effective, angles that direct water away from each zone of interest in the yard.


This solid awareness of the home, along with a plan of action to alter topography in essential places, becomes the foundation of our Houston landscape design. Drain and irrigation systems are sketched out in conjunction with plans to shift the slope of the land on some places, level it in others, and raise it in places where vertical impact is required. At this point, the master plan begins to emerge as something of a framed background for more sophisticated images to then be drafted in scale and scope to the home, and to one another.

The next step in planning out landscape installation involves the design of all hardscapes and outdoor buildings. Up to 80 percent of the yard can support some sort of hardscape element. Examples include, but are not limited to, courtyards, exterior fireplaces, swimming pool patios, and walkways. Buildings must look good while supporting a specific purpose. Outdoor kitchens are self-sufficient cooking, dining, and entertainment areas. Pool houses are more like guest houses now than the old changing rooms of the past. The many structures that can inhabit a garden, such as pergolas and gazebos, can be as rich and vibrant as the plant life that surrounds their foundation.

Gardens and other softscapes are also planned out prior to Houston landscape installation. Garden designs include formal themes, classical themes, and native themes with indigenous plant life, and contemporary garden designs that challenge the mind with a bold defiance of stereotype.

Subcontractors who specialize in services such as land grading, landscape lighting, swimming pool construction, and driveway construction are brought in when necessary to work as part of our team. These contractors have been carefully chosen as partner companies and have proved themselves impeccable allies in our turnkey Houston landscape installations.

Construction of hardscapes and softscape elements commences when homeowners sign off on the master plan and the topography of the land has been graded to accommodate the new outdoor living environment that emerges from the applied, completed force of Exterior Worlds.