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Exterior Worlds brings a seasoned team of landscape installers to the table. Our professionals have been developing Houston landscaping designs since 1987. Their skills include, but are not limited to, botany, horticulture, drainage, irrigation, fertilization, pruning, hardscape design, and landscape architecture. Our team provides turnkey installation services on a design-build basis that begins with an in-depth consultation with each client and concludes with installation of hardscapes, softscapes, and construction of all outdoor buildings under a single invoice.

One of the major differentiating points that set our landscape installers apart from competitors is their ability to hear clients clearly when they talk about what they want to have in their Houston landscaping design. What people see outside makes them feel a certain way. The ultimate goal of our installers is look past the images of the forms that people show us and to ascertain the emotional states that they convey. This way, an image of any basic element can be customized to fit the expectations of the individual client, particular lot, and unique master landscape plan.


The reason we identify ourselves as a design-build service ties into the relationship between designing the master plan and what the landscape installers actually do on the property. Many of the same people are involved in both processes, so that when the actual work begins on the property, professional Houston landscaping experts can immediately act to give form to concepts that originally came from clients themselves. Expertise, ingenuity, and a blended skill set enable us to act as general contractors when necessary for the most specialized elements we install.

While partner companies are technically subcontractors, they are much more than that when we consider what they bring to the table. Each specialist organization that we bring in on a project is one that brings with it an impeccable reputation combined with many years of experience. Relationships with these organizations have been cultivated over a period of years to the extent that their teams work hand-in-hand with our team as if they were one company.

Houston landscape installers are frequently assisted by experts who build swimming pools, driveways, and a number of buildings, such as pool houses and outdoor kitchens. Concrete specialists may also be brought into the project if certain structures such as patios, courtyards, and walkways require a high level of decorative aesthetic to work with the master plan. Landscaping walls may be constructed by masonry experts who are able to create much more effective and interesting designs that you see in typical brick work. Landscape lighting is done by a company that we consider to be the very best of its kind in Texas.

Residents have a clear advantage when working with Exterior Worlds as a general contractor. Bringing all of the necessary specialists under a single invoice designed and overseen by an expert team of landscape installers ensures that all the many features added to the property ultimately work in harmony with the comprehensive purpose of the Houston landscaping design as a whole.