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Houston driveway landscaping adds attraction factor to your home

An investment Houston driveway landscaping services will pay off in the form of enhanced curb appeal that elevates the attraction factor of your entire property.
It doesn’t matter of you plan on selling your home in the immediate future. Having a house that is highly valued will make you feel better about your residence and will also make you feel more comfortable entertaining guests at home.

The best place to get a new driveway, believe it or not, is a professional landscaping company like Exterior Worlds. When our team develops the plan your new driveway, we choose materials that will complement both your home and your many other landscape elements. We also base the size and geometry of the drive on a proportional relationship with the entirety of your lot.

Once these factors are fully developed, we bring in whatever specialists are necessary to assist in the actual construction. This gives you the advantage of working with two teams of experts: one specializing in aesthetics, and the other in special materials and construction methods.


There are many different types of materials used in Houston driveway landscaping.

These materials range from relatively cost effective price points to the sheer epitome of luxury items. One of the reasons you need to sit down with a landscaping designer is to determine just how much money you will need to spend to make your driveway look as good as it needs to look without spending too much of your budget on a single landscape element.

For example, one of the most popular materials to use in Houston driveway landscaping is flagstone. Flagstone belongs to the sandstone family. It is one of the most beautiful stones you can ever see, ranging in color from a light tan to rust red and even shades of blue.

Flagstone will create a grand entryway into any Houston residence, and it works with a variety of architectural styles. It will also cost a small fortune in comparison to flagstone pavers. Some driveway companies may somehow “forget” to inform you that pavers can be made to look identical to sandstone at a much lower cost.

Pavers are actually one of the better materials to use in Houston driveway landscaping due to their ability to absorb the stress of shifting Gulf Coast gumbo dirt. A contiguous surface, on the other hand, such as decorative concrete, will not absorb the stress and will eventually crack over time like our many broken Houston sidewalks.

This is not to say that decorative concrete should never be considered as an option. On the contrary, many people prefer the colors of stained concrete, or the ornamental patterns that can be etched into stamped concrete. Provided these homeowners factor in the periodic repair costs that will be needed for a concrete drive, such an addition to a front yard landscape can look truly superb, if not luxurious.

Still other Houstonians prefer the austere look of a brick driveway running up to a Colonial style home. Our approach to Houston driveway landscaping is to never limit client choice, but simply to educate homeowners in the pros and cons of their options in order to guide them into making the best decisions for themselves at the end of the day.