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Brick Driveway

A brick driveway can add character and curb appeal to any brick home.
Brick is much more aesthetic than asphalt and very easy to work with when creating customized designs. Because the majority of homes are built of brick, a driveway made from the same material with instantly make the property stand out as preeminent on the block.

It also helps link the landscape around your home to your house itself by using the same type of material your home is built form as a material for hardscape design.

Brick does not make a perfectly smooth surface in terms of a comfortable ride, but it is smooth enough to be safe for tires.
The irregular surface of the drive actually creates traction which adds safety value to your driveway during stormy times of the year. Building a small masonry wall on either side of the driveway can further enhance its safety factor and add decorative vertical impact to its surface.

The greatest value, however, that a brick driveway brings to a property is a decorative aura of elegance.
Most people give little thought to their driveways. To them, it is just a slab of concrete to park their cars on after work, and something hot to burn their bare feet in summer.


It does not have to be so boring. With all the colors and sizes of bricks available on the market today, the landscape designer has a tremendous range of creative options. Everything from a basic motorcourt design to a circle drive with a motorcourt entrance to a garage can easily be created.

All the homeowner has to do is to let go of the idea that brick driveways are only for the elite who live on huge estates.
The elite do not have a monopoly on brick. They simply have bigger lots and more room to lay brick. Nevertheless, the size of the lot does not determine whether or not a brick hardscape can be constructed on it. So long as the structure is built to scale with the home and surrounding landscape design, anything is possible.

Middle income families with small homes can have a superb brick driveway in front of their garage or front porch. In fact, such a driveway can be used to introduce a formal landscaping theme that will upgrade the entire appearance of the property regardless of its humble origins or so-called size limitations.

It’s all about scale and geometry at the end of the day, and something that any true professional landscaper can easily pull off.
Keep in mind, too, that bricks themselves are as varied in size, shape, and colors as the homes they are used to build. Even the most custom or contemporary of architectural styles can be accented by a brick driveway of matching colors. Or, a direct compliment can be chosen to create a sense of reflection that adds depth and dimension to the front yard landscape.

In either case, the motifs these unique and highly creative hardscape designs establish can then be continued throughout the yard and used to introduce other landscape elements and architectural forms.