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Concrete Driveways Houston

If you are looking for a cost-effective and durable driveway option for your Houston home, call Exterior Worlds and get an estimate on a concrete driveway. Concrete is one of the toughest substances we can use to build a driveway. Only natural stone can endure equivalent amounts of wear and tear—and stone requires more upfront cost and often more maintenance to preserve.

Concrete driveways, on the other hand, really do not need maintenance can be constructed in so many ways that their decorative power equals that of more ornate or exotic hardscape materials.

A good, solid concrete slab also gives you a convenient surface for automobile maintenance as well as a place for your children to skate and play ball without the risk factor of sidewalks, streets, and public parks.
Such a surface can last for upwards of 30 years before it needs any type of significant repair or renovation service.

Concrete driveways offer many benefits that other hardscaping materials either do not affordably offer or do not offer at all.
Concrete is a more affordable hardscape material than many other masonry products such as natural stone. Not only will the homeowner save money on the front end, but he or she will also save money on the low maintenance attributes of the driveway.


They add aesthetic quality to every front yard.
The driveway is the first impression of a home that people receive. A well-designed concrete driveway lends curb appeal and helps create a very clean, polished appearance.

Concrete is durable.
You won’t find anything that can weather the elements and take the stress of vehicle traffic as well as concrete. In fact, many concrete driveways in Houston were built so well in the 20th century that ended up lasting longer than the homes they originally decorated.

Concrete can be as decorative as you want it to be.
We routinely build concrete driveways in Houston of all colors, textures, and surface patterns. Remember—concrete may be concrete, but it doesn’t have to look like concrete.

Concrete is universal in application.
A concrete driveway can be made to work with any Houston landscaping design.

What kind of design options can you offer us in a new concrete driveway?
There are three aspects of design that we can customize to your home architecture and landscape style. One of these is shape, another is texture, and a third is color.

Concrete can be poured in a linear shape or built with a radial arc to form a semi-circle or circular drive.
Textures of all sorts can be added to the surface while the concrete is still wet. One popular texture design is known as pattern stamping. Just after pouring the slab, we can imprint special patterns that emulate bricks, tile, or stonework.

Other designs that can be added include swirls, brushing patterns, bromide finishes, or exposed aggregate. Color can also be added to concrete to liven it up. Although its basic appearance works very well on its own, always remember you can enhance this with any number hues and shades.

How do concrete driveways contribute to Houston landscape architecture?
People in our city have always taken great pride in their homes. Concrete drives lend a sense of invitation to the front of any property. This, along with its versatility in shape, texture, and color, allows concrete to contribute something of value to a mansion in River Oaks just as much as it enhances a small, humble cottage in Upper Kirby or West University Place.