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Garden Water Features

Garden water features are part of many garden designs, both formal and informal. Sometimes they act as central focal points within a garden. At other times, they establish movement and special interest.

Fountains rank among the most popular garden water features because they add movement, vertical impact, and light to the scene.
Fountains can be any size. They range in style from the strictly classical to the ultra contemporary. The fountains that we construct have a few distinguishing characteristics that set them apart from fountains available in retail outlets.

To begin with, none of them are constructed independently of a landscape design plan. This ensures that they will not look out of scale with the home and surrounding yard. Secondly, each one is built out of a material that corresponds to that of nearby hardscapes in order to ensure continuity with the landscape design. Thirdly, the geometry of the fountain either directly correlates to the home, or it works as an attractive counterpoint to its edifice.

All fountains we build are also fitted with silent, remote pumps so the only sound people hear is the sound of bubbling water. Service on these fountains, when needed on rare occasions, can be itemized in a landscape maintenance agreement.


Artificial streams are another type of garden water feature very popular among homeowners who prefer to make their yard look as much like nature itself as possible.
Artificial streams can be used to connect other water features like natural ponds. Sometimes they run under small bridges so guests feel like they are walking from one realm of experience to another.

Streams are fed by silent, remote pumps just like fountains are fed. The water appears as if from out of nowhere, runs a designated course, then goes into a carefully hidden drain to avoid flooding. Streams like this can dual function as a source of irrigation for flowering plants that grow along their banks.

Natural Ponds are another garden water feature that can make a backyard look like a mini wilderness.
Fish lovers and wildlife lovers can add a new dimension to their outdoor experience by having a small pond built in their back yard. While some people prefer to have such a pond built as a stand-alone landscape element, others prefer to have it placed within the confines of a carefully designed garden.

Reflecting Ponds are garden water features that magnify the color, hues, and sizes of flowers, hedges, and trees.
The mirror-like surface of the water catches every detail of the vegetation above. This, in turn, creates the sense that one is standing in a garden much larger than it is. Reflecting ponds like this are very important to small garden design. They allow the homeowner to experience a complete freedom from worry by escaping into a world that, although small on the outside, feels vast on the inside.