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Garden Plans for Spring and Summer

With spring upon us and summer approaching, the time has come to invest in new garden plans that will define the joy of your outdoor living experience. Making the decision now to work with a professional Houston landscaping company will ensure that your garden designs impeccably represent your personal lifestyle, personality, and sense of beauty.

Every garden we plant for you is both a world unto itself and a part of the greater world of the landscape master plan. Exterior Worlds does nothing without the big picture in mind. In order for your yard to appear as an interrelated grouping of intentional forms, it is necessary to plan the big picture first. This plan is developed around the central figure of your home itself. Think of your house as the premier symbol of your personal lifestyle. We come in and build a landscape around that symbol. Each garden, tree planting, flower bed, hardscape, walkway, and water feature that we construct supports the essence of that symbol.

Garden plans are developed around your outdoor lifestyle. We want your garden to be something more than a pretty form to look at. We build it to be an event that you experience. The things you do outside in your yard are often the things you love the most about life. Outdoor cooking, drinks under the stars, parties, receptions, and simple get-togethers with friends. Every garden we build for you can support any such activity with an organic environment that directly supports the emotional tone of the experience you are seeking in the event.

If you have children, we can even support education with unique garden plans. Many people like to grow their own herbs for any number of reasons. Some people with children have also found that herb gardening has been an excellent teaching tool for children. Giving a child the responsibility of tending to a resilient plant with minimal maintenance needs gives them a manageable task that cultivates an awareness of the importance of nature to the human experience.


In order to create such a direct correlation between action and form, we listen to you extensively during the planning and consultation phase of the project. Most of our clients already know what they want intuitively. What they need assistance with is putting that sense beyond words into a physical form. This is where our expertise comes into play. With decades of experience working with landscaping forms, we can pinpoint the essence of a client’s desires and build a garden that represents in the visible what the client is feeling on the invisible level within the self.

Garden plans can be formal, cultural, contemporary, or customized. Formal gardens follow a strict adherence to geometry that directly corresponds to the architecture of the home. There are many different types of formal gardens. Some are very large structures designed for moonlight walks through various plantings of small trees, hedges, and flowering plants. Others are very compact forms that support hardscape geometry and outdoor buildings.

Generally speaking, formal garden plans work best with a home with distinctively formal architecture. They are not appropriate for every environment. Homes with a distinctive historical theme, but not necessarily formal style, are better supported by cultural garden styles like the English, the French, the Italian, or the Mediterranean. While each one of these cultural styles can be done in a formal fashion, each one can also be done with more of an emphasis on essence as opposed to rugged adherence to form.

There are also many contemporary and custom garden planned which are developed around homes that have a unique architecture all their own. Modern style homes are best supported with minimalist garden designs. These forms normally are characterized by an emphasis on controlled plant growth. Custom gardens can be anything from the richly organic to the Spartan contemporary. Each one is created as a world in its own respect which interconnects to the larger world of the landscape master plan.