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Flagstone Paver Driveway

A flagstone paver driveway is made from special masonry blocks that look identical to real flagstone.
These pavers are used in many different types of hardscape design. Popular uses include patio design, walkway design, and driveway design.

Due to its widespread popularity, it is one of the things that realtors look for when listing homes with superior curb appeal.

Flagstone pavers possess many unique characteristics that make them so popular.
They can be cast in a variety of geometric shapes and can interlock when laid out on a base. They are also available in many different colors, including red, blue, or brown in color. Many have something of an old-fashioned look to them, which makes them ideal for many different landscape master plans that are based on historicity, culture, or regional architectural styles.

In terms of cost, a flagstone paver driveway represents a long-term investment in driveway construction.
Flagstone pavers certainly cost less than high-end stones such as bluestone. However, they are marginally higher in cost than plain concrete (which really is not an option for high-end landscaping) and equal or even more in cost to decorative concrete.

Choosing between flagstone pavers and decorative concrete is not a matter of how much money you spend now, but how much you later spend on maintenance.
Concrete of any kind, decorative or not, is going to crack as the ground beneath it shifts and settles.


We do not discourage our wealthiest of clients from investing in sophisticated concrete surfaces, but we do advise clients on something of a budget that even the most elaborately finished and stained concrete will crack over time and require repair. No matter how attractive we make it, and no matter how many custom designs we imprint on its surface, it is still concrete. Flagstone pavers do not have this problem because they are manufactured and cured with special techniques that make them far better equipped to sustain wear and tear. Expansion from heat and earth movements occurs in the joints, not in the paver stones themselves.

With a flagstone paver driveway, the landscape maintenance money that you would have to set aside for repairing your concrete driveway can be redirected to garden design maintenance, tree services, and fertilization.
This is a very important thing to keep in mind for anyone who may need to list their house in the future and may already be looking at the costs of foundation repair.

Aesthetically speaking, a flagstone paver driveway will compliment many different landscape designs that call for a historical look.
Flagstone was very popular in the early 20th Century. Homes built in Houston during this time, or homes built with a distinctively historical theme, are greatly enhanced by the curb appeal of walkways, patios, and driveways that emulate the hardscape of this historical period.

Flagstone paver driveways can also convey that same Old World sense also associated with brick driveways.
Flagstone pavers are not necessarily more durable than brick, but they do provide a smoother surface in most cases. Aesthetically speaking, the choice between brick and pavers depends mostly on your house and residential landscape design.