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Drought Resistant Ground Covers

Drought resistant ground covers are low growth plants that thrive in semi-arid to arid conditions.
Some also do very well in varying levels of limited light, making it possible to plant them in areas where even lawn grass has difficulty growing. Every landscape ranging from the formal, to the historical European, such as French, Mediterranean, and Italian, to the contemporary can be richly adorned with both green and flowering ground level vegetation.

So the question to now answer is simple. Who should consider investing in drought resistant ground covers? In particular, there are three groups of Houston landscaping clients who can gain the most advantage from these plants. The first group consists of people who have a strong love for variety. The second group of people consists of those who want low-maintenance yard that costs little, if any money, to maintain. The third group of people consists of those who are looking to enhance their property value with a lasting curb appeal that will endure the full gamut of problematic weather conditions.


Those seeking to add variety to their Houston landscaping design will find an abundance of choices that will allow them to decorate their yards in a number of ways. There are plenty of flowering plants from which to choose that will add color to various key points on the landscapes. Borders around walkways and patios, foundation areas around outdoor kitchens, gardens, and areas adjacent to the house can all be beautified by drought resistant ground covers that will retain their blooms even during the hottest of summer months.

Not only can color be added to the landscape in this way, but depth can also be increased by using several different types of plants that feature varying shades of green. The human eye sees more shades of green than it does any other color, so an excellent way to increase variety in softscape designs is to mingle lighter greens with darker greens to create a sense of deeper perspective.

Houston landscaping clients who are seeking a better looking yard that will cost them minimal expenses to maintain should strongly consider having Exterior Worlds develop a design that involves the extensive use of drought resistant ground covers. In late summer, we can go as long as 3 months without any rain in the Houston area. A grass lawn will require daily watering to prevent withering and death, which will considerably increase the homeowner’s water bill. Plants that can thrive for long periods of time without rainfall can be added to all parts of the yard as grass alternatives. This includes areas in light shade, partial shade, and full shade where many species of grass will not grow well to begin with.

Houston landscaping clients may also want to incorporate drought resistant ground covers into their designs as a guarantor of ongoing curb appeal. The consistent vitality of a yard plays a major role in how the house is perceived by those who may one day consider purchasing it for themselves. Investing in lawn alternatives that offer a more diverse, and far deeper perspective of depth, helps bring the best price on the market should the owner ever decide to list the home.