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Contemporary Swimming Pool

The contemporary swimming pool represents one of the most important elements in a contemporary landscape design. Because the entire essence of contemporary aesthetic depends on the abstract realm, the unique properties of water prove ideal for its use in such a setting. Water represents the foundation of life and what many people call Spirit, yet it is inorganic in and of itself and definitely material in its visible constitution.

The paradoxical nature of water lends itself extremely well to the often perplexing and challenging forms we find on a contemporary landscape. Here, what we see is often radically different than what we would expect to see. Landscape paradigms are frequently turned upside down. The inorganic is elevated to the level of supreme importance, while the organic is minimized and relegated to supporting roles.

In the midst of this inversion, the contemporary swimming pool acts as the bridge between multiple realms. As the inorganic substance of organic life, it easily bridges these realms. As a fluid that is clearly visible to the eye, it bridges the realm of thought to the realm of the senses. Finally, as a geometric landform, it links home architecture to the landscape itself.

It bears noting that geometry, is one of the most important keynotes to contemporary swimming pool design. In some respects it is the most important aspect of the science because the pool has to work aesthetically with the house, the property, and landscape architecture as a whole.

The innately mathematical nature of contemporary landscape design transfers over to swimming pool design in these projects. Pool geometry is almost glaring in the way it intensely stands out. The most common shapes we tend to design are based on the linear progression of rectangles. Others may be oval, completely circular, or even elaborate semi-circle designs with an ascending patio design that adds drama and effect to the landscape.


Patio design like this is luxurious and well-suited to very large multi-storied homes whose architecture features a conglomerate of geometrical forms. Smaller contemporary homes tend to have contemporary swimming pool patios with a more Spartan layout. Strict linearity and clear boundaries are the order of the day here. The patio surfaces, however, can be very ornate, ranging from cut stone, brick elaborate tile work, or even pressure treated wood.

Custom features are also added to emphasize the freedom from conventional boundaries that contemporary art has always sought to obtain. Infinity edges are very popular for pool design on these landscapes because they visually represent the concept of thought extending beyond the tangible realm into dimensions unknown.

Other popular water features in contemporary swimming pools include luxury waterfalls, spas, and water jets. The waterfalls here look nothing like those in nature. Many times they originate from clearly artificial sources to draw attention only to the water’s movement and not to its source. The same holds true for bubbling jets, fountain jets, and spa design. Form is directly linked to the supporting the movement of the water itself rather than standing independent of the water as an element in its own right.

Still, this marriage of form and function ends up creating even more powerful forms because the profound uniqueness of water itself transfigures surrounding solidity into a more powerful expression of concept and essence than ever before.