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Cocktail Pool

Cocktail pools are small and shallow pools that allows people to walk around the entire bottom. This creates the feeling of being in something of a tropical bar, waist deep in water, where hors d’oeuvres and drinks can be enjoyed in a wet suit in the sun, in the shade, or under the stars and lights of an illuminated aquatic environment.

Cocktail pools can be built in any number of design styles and integrate well into virtually any Houston landscape master plan. In most instances, though, they tend to be built in parts of town like Bellaire, West U, and Rice Village where smaller lots are the norm. Such properties seldom have the necessary area to build larger custom pools or luxury pools simply because the yards are not big enough.

Another remarkable attribute of cocktail pools is that they can be constructed to support any type of home architectural style. They are usually built near the home so that guests can come and go as they please, and so that hosts can serve drinks from a convenient bar or serving area.


These pools are intended specifically for adults. When a client family has children, we make it a point to create other environments for the children. The obvious reason for doing this is to separate activities that involve alcohol from the immediate vicinity of children. Play and sports areas can always be constructed that are still close enough for parents to supervise the activities of kids.

Cocktail pools are almost always constructed with built-in spas that give people that special feeling of exotic warmth that they tend to associate with tropical paradises or vacation getaways. Pools of this kind can also be constructed with special water jets that allow people to swim in place much like runners runs in place on treadmills.

The surrounding patio design will be determined by the style of residential architecture and the dynamics of landscape aesthetics. Patios size always deliberately targets the expected number of guests that hosts anticipate will be attending planned backyard events. This helps the hardscape design specialist balance space limitations with guest accommodation.

Another way of saying this is that we do not want to consume too much of the yard with a patio that is disproportionally large in comparison to its surroundings. Simultaneously, we never want to construct a surface either that in short order proves inadequate for accommodating the number of people that show up.

We will then surround the patio with carefully chosen plant material that creates a feeling of enclosure around the patio without completely obstructing the view of the surrounding Houston landscape. This provides guests with a greater feeling of privacy in the typically smaller yards we tend to build these pools in.

Cocktail pools can also be constructed further back in the yard if other areas of interests have been developed in those locations. One very popular place to build them is near an outdoor kitchen. This is a great way for hosts to throw a party in separate spaces whose close proximity provides a multiplicity of entertainment options.

Some guests may want to enjoy the party without alcohol. Others may want to relax in a chair without getting in the water and getting wet. Still others may want to eat, drink, be merry with a little of everything. Creating two zones of interest side by side in this manner gives people choices as well as the convenience of having either choice they make immediately close at hand.